Feel Good About Thrift Store Shopping in This Pandemic

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Feel Good About Thrift Store Shopping in This Pandemic

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Do you feel happy when you hear the word “shopping”? The same is true for many people, who feel good when they buy something and treat themselves. With how hard the world is right now, it has easily become a simple joy and escape almost every time they go shopping. There is a sense of fulfillment every time you get to look around and pick what you like among different objects, whether these are clothes, accessories, electronics, and anything else.

While most people think curtailing their spending during the pandemic is the best course of action, the truth is there are actually some helpful benefits that you can get from thrift store shopping, even now.

Benefits of Thrift Shopping: COVID-19 Edition

During ordinary times, people flock to thrift stores for great finds, from their everyday outfits to their home furniture. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a huge change in the way people live their lives. Because of this, the reasons people do thrift store shopping have also changed to adapt to the current times. Here are the reasons people like you should get on the thrift store shopping trend this pandemic.

1. Thrift Store Flipping

Jobs have been highly affected during this pandemic and a huge number of people were left unemployed across the world. This has led to the rise in online businesses which require only small capital. If you’re looking to start a new online business, you might want to try thrift store flipping, which is basically reselling thrift store items. With lockdowns imposed all across the globe, most families had the time to declutter their cabinets and houses, meaning more pre-loved items are up on the market. You would have a variety to choose from at cheaper prices. Then, you can sell these either online or, if possible, in person. This way, you get to earn a little more to get by during these financially difficult times.

2. Cheap, Good-Quality Clothes

Most restrictions in many countries have been eased, and before, people were not allowed to go to work, to school, to malls, or other places. With people emerging again, they once again change clothing every day and use more of them. In this time, it is smart to do thrift store shopping instead of buying clothes from malls and big brand retailers. You get good quality clothes at cheaper rates, thereby saving more for other essential items you might need to weather the health and economic crisis.

3. Environmentally Friendly

You might ask, how does thrift shopping help the environment? For one, it discourages overproduction and the overuse of natural resources. With the COVID-19 pandemic, most people have seen the value of conserving water, food, and most especially clean air. Thrift store shopping decreases your carbon footprint, reduces waste that would otherwise be in landfills, and aids in water preservation and conservation because it reduces the possibility of waste inadvertently ending up in our seas and oceans.

4. Offers Support for Small-Scale Business and Charities

The pandemic has greatly affected both small-scale businesses and charities. Months of lockdowns have led to zero sales, forcing most small scale businesses to close. Those that remain open are barely hanging on. On the other hand, financial difficulties have greatly reduced donations to charity as well, endangering their causes. Many thrift stores are actually run by small scale entrepreneurs or even charitable organizations. When you are thrift store shopping, you are helping these small businesses and charitable organizations to continue operating during this difficult period.

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