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6 Essential Thrift STore Finds During and Post COVID 19

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The current COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the lives of most people around the world. For several months, most countries have imposed restrictions on their citizens to limit movement and travel, as a preventative measure, to stop the further spread of the virus which has infected millions worldwide. People were directed to stay at home. Businesses have come to a halt, save for those essential to our everyday needs like supermarkets, hardware stores, and utilities. Schools also shut down and stopped face to face classes. As such, most employees and students were forced to work and study from home.

With restrictions now beginning to ease all over the world, people’s daily living has radically changed. Though many are now allowed to go out, working and studying from home is still the preferred norm for most. As such, personal changes as well as changes in the home had to be done to adapt. For example, extra equipment is needed for you to comfortably work from home. With the end of pandemic still quite distant on the horizon, it’s better to get your house ready for the long term. Since you might be reeling from the economic effects of the pandemic, there’s no need to buy brand new when you need to think about spending less. Instead, try visiting your local thrift shop for essentials for pandemics. Check our list below for possible thrift store finds to look out for.

Office or Study Desk

A desk is probably the most important thing you need when working or studying from home. This is where you will place everything else that your job requires. You’ll probably have a range of selections when you visit furniture thrift stores. With teleconferencing becoming the norm, pick a desk that has the same height as you do when sitting down for ease of use. You might also want to look for a larger desk to fit and store all your other study and work essentials. However, make sure that it fits in the space you have allotted in your house. Desks are usually made from wood or plastics, with wooden desks being sturdier and more durable.

Office Chair

Since you’ll be sitting in front of your computer for several long hours, buy an office chair that is very comfortable. Swivel chairs and chairs that can lean back are definitely a good steal. Also, try to pick one that matches your home setup or your house’s interior. This way, it looks good during teleconferencing.

Desk Lamp

Depending on your dedicated work or study area, you might need a desk lamp at night. This is especially true for those studying at home that regularly need to read books or other materials. Reading at night might stress your eyes, and having a desk lamp can help with that.

File Cabinet

For self-employed individuals and business owners, you probably brought all your important office papers home with you. These papers could be a mess with no place to put them. It would be best if you look for a file cabinet to store all your documents or even other items, both for safe-keeping and to keep your house clean.

Water Bottle

Avoid going to the kitchen just to get water. Not only does this waste your time, as it could be spent doing your work, but it’s also tiring. For a water bottle, scour thrift shops for insulated ones that keep your water cold for at least four hours. This way you can easily refresh yourself when you are thirsty.

Coffee Mugs

Some people need coffee in the morning to get their day started, while others need coffee to keep awake as the day drags on. Whatever the case may be, coffee mugs can be your best friends. They are also among the cheapest thrift store finds out there.

The pandemic has forced so many people to change their lifestyles, and as you settle in for the long haul, it helps to find new things that can help you adapt to the current situation.

Luckily, these will go to waste after the pandemic, as they can still be useful in the years to come. There is no need to spend too much money because you could buy these essentials for pandemic situations at local thrift stores in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. Drop by at Haven House Thrift Store for some of the rarest thrift store finds!