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10 Amazing Thrift Store Finds for Schooling

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Do you know where to buy school supplies without spending a fortune?

Look into thrift stores. If you haven’t tried, there are several budget-friendly thrift store finds worth checking out.

If you think back-to-school goods always need to be brand-new, you’re missing out. Shop smart. Why buy from high-end stores when you can get discounted school supplies?

Here’s a list of thrift store finds you can use for schooling:

1. Books

One of the most helpful thrift shop finds is books. Textbooks are expensive when bought from the school library. You can potentially find high school and college textbooks at affordable prices by paying your local thrift store a visit. There are also dictionaries, almanacs, children’s workbooks, and coloring books.

If you have an English professor or teacher who likes to give book review projects, there are also several second-hand novels to be scored. Some are even from best-selling authors. Instead of buying novels from bookstores, check out your nearest thrift store.

2. Brand-New Notebooks

Some thrift stores sell brand-new school supplies, such as notebooks. If you love note-taking, you can buy as many notebooks as you need and can afford at a thrift store.

3. Markers, Crayons, and Folders

Sometimes, second-hand stores, such as thrift stores, are well-stocked with brand-new school and office supplies. There is usually a section dedicated to school and office supplies, such as markers, crayons, folders, pencils, and pens. You can also use them for scrapbooking and other school-required craft projects.

4. Clothes and Accessories

If you are running out of school outfits due to your limited number of shirts, pants, or dresses, thrift stores are the go-to source of cool and fashionable pieces. There is a wide selection of clothes at thrift stores, which you can buy at affordable prices.

To level up your outfits, there are also necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other accessories to check out. Be on the lookout for these because some are authentic, and you definitely don’t want to miss out.

5. Bags

School bags at department stores typically range from $20 to $50, with some having the audacity to charge even more. Whether you’re on a tight budget or want to save, there are lots of good bags in thrift stores below $20.

Looking for leather, sling, drawstring, backpack, or shoulder bags? Thrift stores have you covered.

6. Desks, Tables, and Chairs

Are you searching for a study table you can use when working on homework and projects? Thrift stores have a healthy variety for you to choose from. There are second-hand wood, plastic, and metal-framed tables and chairs available. With just a little paint and creativity, they’ll look good as new.

7. Dorm Accessories

If you are dorming this school year, level up your room with high-quality thrift-store finds. There are unique decorations — such as quilts, rugs, frames, wallpapers, and posters — that you can buy to elevate the visual appeal of your dorm. A boring room can impact your daily mood, so living in a visually appealing one will boost your productivity.

8. Sports Equipment

To maximize savings when buying sports equipment, thrift stores are a treasure trove. A tennis or badminton racket, for example, can cost $25 to $50 at the department store; however, you can buy them for as low as $10 to $15 at a thrift store.

Second-hand basketballs, volleyballs, and footballs are also available at many local thrift stores, so check them out before you make the mistake of buying directly from department stores or malls.

9. Winter Gear

It’s a hassle to go to school during winter, especially with the money needed to buy winter gear, such as coats and boots. If you are looking to save money, winter gear is sold at affordable prices at thrift stores. Compared to the hundreds of dollars needed for winter coats and boots at department stores, you’ll only spend a fraction of that amount at your local thrift store.

10. Tableware

Living in a dormitory means that you need to have all the stuff required for your daily needs. One of which is tableware, such as plates, spoons, and forks. School canteens aren’t open during late nights or the wee hours, so you have to be prepared in case you get hungry.

There are many other things you’ll need in your dorm, and looking for them in thrift stores is a smart move if you want to maximize savings.

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