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8 Easy Costumes to Find At Thrift Stores

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Celebrating Halloween and Christmas means having to go around looking for costumes to wear at parties or to play dress up with the family.

Most people like to order online for convenience but always end up disappointed when the package arrives at their doorstep. Not only are these costumes expensive. They are also almost always not how they are described in the advertisements.

The truth is, there’s no need to look far and beyond. Visit the nearest thrift store in your community, and you’ll be surprised at the various thrift store costumes and accessories you can score.

1. Bohemian Costume

Looking for a way to steal the scene? You’ll never go wrong with a hippie outfit. It’s one of the best thrift store finds since some pieces are nice enough to wear on a regular day. It’s so easy to piece together. Bohemian style only requires flowing dresses or baggy shirts. Simply add a layer of different necklaces (preferably made with shells or beads) and throw in a pair of basic sandals to cop the look. For women, adding a headband will undoubtedly add a more bohemian feel.

2. Disco Fever Costume

One of the most straightforward thrift store costume ideas is to use neon colors and polyester to get the 70s vibe. With the added glam and glitz, you’ll be rocking that hip style in no time.

3. Farmer or Cowboy

You only need one item to make one of the most achievable thrift store costumes ever — a flannel shirt. Trust us when we say that thrift stores never run out of this item. With the right accessories, you can become a farmer or a cowboy. Just grab a pair of regular jeans, boots, and the classic cowboy hat to perfect the wild west look. For farmer wannabes, throw in some working gloves, and you’re set. If you want to up your game, additional props such as a rope for a cowboy and a shovel for a farmer will do the trick.

4. Clown Costume

When it comes to fun thrift store costume ideas, you can’t go wrong with a clown costume. You or your child can dress up as fun or scary clowns, depending on your mood. Thrift stores always have a steady supply of wigs or other items such as pompoms and yarns, which you can use as wigs! Polka dotted or striped tops layered with an overall should be enough, but you can also add white gloves for a more convincing look.

5. Angels and Princess Costume

If you’re looking for easy thrift store finds for your daughter, you won’t end up on the wrong track if you choose to give her an angel or a princess costume. There’s a flurry of white, pink, and sky blue dresses in any thrift store. For your perfect angel, add a little halo and wings. On the other hand, what’s a princess without a crown? These accessories can be handmade with a cardboard box and a dash of creativity.

6. Dia de los Muertos Costume

In some cases, you might not want to dial down the scare meter. The Day of the Dead look is perfect for little boys and girls, or even adults, who aren’t after majestic or superhero costumes. Black clothes are all you need because the core of this costume relies heavily on the makeup.

7. Harry Potter Costume

Name anyone who doesn’t like Harry Potter. This is one of the best thrift store costumes for adults. Got round glasses and gold and maroon clothes? The only thing missing is a wand, then!

8. Tourist Costume

Why not dress up as a tourist for fun? For the look, you’ll need a Hawaiian shirt worn over a white shirt paired off with long socks, sandals, and cute Bermuda shorts, which are all terrific thrift store finds. Grab a DSLR camera to complete the quintessential Dad on a Holiday look.

When you shop at a thrift store, you don’t have to go from shop to shop. Most secondhand shops have a plethora of selections, which consist of odd finds, accessories, and clothes. It’s also economical and eco-friendly at the same time. Thrift stores are known to partner with charity institutions. Let’s also not forget that they keep tons of used goods from hitting the landfills every year. Next time you’re looking for a costume, don’t forget to check Haven House, one of the best thrift stores in Lebanon, TN.