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12 DIY Projects to Make with Thrift Store Finds

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Thrift stores are often overshadowed by all the new and shiny pieces you can find in the mall, but if you take the time to browse, you can see that the best thrift finds are those that only need a little TLC and creativity to transform into sophisticated home decor.

We have compiled 12 DIY projects you can try out using materials that are likely available in any thrift store in your area.

1. Holiday Boxes to Chic Planters  

Holiday boxes can easily crowd your homes and thrift stores every year. Transform these bulky piles into something more functional by turning them into chic planters. Just spruce up the boxes with some color and place any plant you want inside.

2. Candle Holders to Woven Hanging Decor  

Other ubiquitous thrift store finds are candle holders. Try upgrading these humble items into elegant woven hanging decor with only a little spray paint and some rope. Look for tutorials online for creative ways to weave the rope, and experiment a little.

3. Baskets to Colorful Storage  

You can never have enough storage at home. One great alternative to a simple box is a good, old sturdy basket. Thrift stores often have a great selection of colorful baskets that can easily be turned into storage space for your bookcases, tables, wardrobes, and more.

4. Jewelry Boxes into Recipe Organizers  

Jewelry boxes are among the best thrift finds that can positively impact your home. Beyond storing your precious gems and jewels, these boxes are also great for storing other small objects – including charming heirloom recipe cards and more.

5. Wooden Cases into Faux Marble Boxes  

Turn any old wooden cases into something sophisticated and expensive with a simple DIY project. Using some faux marble contact paper, you can turn any antique wooden case into a marble masterpiece.

6. Embroidery Hoops into Decorative Orbs  

Another great thrift store DIY you can do are decorative orbs. Even if you don’t embroider, do not pass up the abundance of embroidery hoops in the stores and turn them into decorative spheres. Elevate any room by using these orbs as light covers or table decor.

7. Mismatched Buttons into Decorative Throw Pillows  

All those jars and drawers of buttons won’t go to waste if you turn them into a DIY masterpiece. Combine these mismatched buttons with a few cloth scraps to make yourself some unique throw pillows that can spruce up any room.

8. Old Ceiling Fans into Candle Centerpieces  

You may think old ceiling fans have reached the end of their lives once you take them down, but you can turn them into something more. The old ceiling fans in your local thrift stores can become beautiful candle holders that can impress all of your guests during the holidays. Simply set them in the middle of any table, wrap with appropriate decorations, and they will add an instant charm to any display.

 9. Old Maps into Rustic Wall Galleries 

There’s no need to buy expensive artwork when you can do some simple thrift store DIY. Grab a few old maps and place them in pretty frames to hang on your walls.

10. Old Sweaters into Pet Beds  

Some of the best thrift store finds are sweaters and jumpers. You can find these in all shapes, colors, and sizes you can think of, and no matter what you choose, it will be adorable enough to turn into a comfy bed for your beloved furry friend.

11. Ashtrays into Coasters  

You don’t have to be a smoker to buy ashtrays from the thrift store. Grab a few ashtrays from the shelves and turn them into mismatched coasters for your home. They’re sturdy, durable, and can turn any dinner table into an adorable setup.

12. Old Records into Unique Bowls  

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, one of the thrift store projects you can prioritize is record bowls. Thrift stores are full of old records that may be scratched or damaged already. However, you don’t have to overlook them altogether. Give these records a new lease on life by turning them into decorative bowls.

Elevate the look of any space in your house with a few thrift store projects. You can easily upgrade many an item into something elegant and sophisticated with only a sprinkle of creativity and time. Give one of the best thrift stores in Panama City Beach, FL, Haven House, a visit to see what you can DIY next!