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Turn Common Thrift Store Finds Into Stylish Bathroom Decor

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Are you tired of seeing your bathroom dull and lifeless? You must have seen all the cool bathroom decorations online and dream that you can have bathroom decor as classy and beautiful. Well, your dream bathroom filled with cool designs and decorations can soon be a reality, because in this article, you will find the best bathroom decor you can find at the cheapest price!

If you want to decorate your bathroom and bring a new, stylish feel for when you have guests over, there are actually a lot of inexpensive ways to do it. You shouldn’t have to worry about all the expensive bathroom decorations because there are a lot of thrift store finds you can use to remodel your bathroom!

Here are all the things you can find in thrift stores that you can use to design your bathroom with:

1. Cookie Tins  

Cookie tins are very versatile. They are made with solid materials and can be used to store a lot of things. They are also easy to decorate and transform into something beautiful. Thrift stores sell cookie tins at super low prices. You can buy some with printed packages, or cover them with gift wrap so you can have different decorations for your bathroom. As stylish as they can be, your guests will surely be surprised to find that they are just storage space for your rolls of toilet paper.

2. Jars  

Don’t you think it will be cute and inventive to use different containers for your hair products? Jars can be used for this purpose. Empty your shampoo containers into a jar and put labels and even ribbons in them for a more fun and creative storage. You can even use them to store other bathroom products such as balls of cotton and many more. You can never go wrong with a classic jar design.

3. Cigar Container  

You may have noticed that almost every container can double as a decoration or a creative storage for your bathroom products. You can also use an old cigar box as a clever caddy. Like tin cans, cigar boxes are made with strong and sturdy materials, which makes them a safe place to store your lipsticks and other makeup. With their cute and compact design, this can be the best bathroom decor you can add to your collection. Plus, they come at a very cheap price!

4. Drawer  

Boost your creative side by looking for mini dressers and cute wrappers. With just a few materials, you can use your art skills and design the drawers you can mount in your bathroom walls. You can use these drawers to store your earrings or as a storage for your guest towels.

A lot of things can be done with your thrift store finds, including a DIY bathroom remodeling.

5. Racks  

Some thrift store finds don’t even need any additional decorations; they simply need a room. Wine racks are perfect to store unused rolled up hand towels because they have the perfect shape to keep anything bottle-shaped in place.

You can also use shoe racks for folded towels, and hat racks for towels you want to hang. Hat racks are also perfect to let your bathrobes dry after use.

6. Rugs  

Bathrooms feel incomplete without rugs. You may have old rugs on your bathroom floor that you never really pay attention to. Did you know that the feel and style of any bathroom starts with the rugs? If you have old gray ones, your guests may feel that your bathroom is old and moldy.

You can find colorful and creative traditional rugs in thrift stores, put it in your bathroom, and have the most creative and stylish decor you can have. You can also add a touch of your personality on the rugs. Use bright colored rugs if you want a bright and lively feel. If you prefer the minimalist style, you can stick to neutral colors such as beige or white. Either way, by simply using rugs, you can complete the feel of your bathroom and make it feel creative and homey.

7. Baskets  

Thrift stores have a million baskets, you just have to find one that will be perfect as bathroom decor. Small baskets can be used to store toiletries like soap, toothpaste, hair dryers, and more. While big baskets can double as a container for dirty clothes or towels. Decorate it with little beads and flowers, and you will have yourself the most beautiful basket for your bathroom.

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