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Why is Thrift Store Shopping Good for the Environment and Economy

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What is Thrift Store Shopping?

Thrift store shopping is about purchasing goods from a thrift shop. This is where you can find used clothes, furniture, appliances, kitchenware, and many others that are affordable, in good condition, and sustainable.

The Environmental Benefits of Thrift Shopping

Sadly, the clothing industry contributes 10% of carbon emissions worldwide. Reports show that the world wastes a garbage truck filled with clothes per second. But thanks to thrift store shopping, about 38 million pounds of clothing are saved from the landfill annually.

This means that one of the most significant benefits of thrift shopping includes helping the environment. By thrifting, you can still stay in style while saving the earth by merely buying vintage pieces.

You can shrink the carbon footprint by limiting your fast-fashion shopping, since purchasing used pieces means less consumption of natural resources. And if after a while you just aren’t feeling your thrifted pieces anymore, you can always sell them for someone else to have and love.

How Thrifting Affects the Economy

Reselling has been one of the tremendous shifts seen in the retail industry for the past couple of years. Many entrepreneurs decide to sell their old clothing or even buy thrifted pieces at a low cost and flip them for a more profitable price.

Additionally, many influencers nowadays tend to promote thrifting because of its environmental and economic benefits.

If you wonder why thrift store shopping is thriving right now, it’s because people who have limited financial resources opt to buy at these shops. Thrifting allows people to stretch their budgets, while promoting a frugal living mindset at the same time.

Thrift shops usually offer incredibly affordable prices versus their retail counterparts. This means that you can save a lot of money when thrifting compared to buying something brand-new at a retail store. There are also times when thrift shops have big sales, giving you the chance to score even more great pieces at crazy low prices.

Aside from being cheaper, thrift stores also make sure they are selling quality goods that are usable for a longer time, which can be a win-win for you.

If you decide to purchase from a thrift store, you can have more pieces while not compromising on quality. In fact, you can still find brand new clothes at thrift shops! You read that right. Many thrift stores sell goods that still have their tags on them.

When you ask a millennial why they shop at thrift stores, most of them will reply, “it’s because you can get more exclusive vintage pieces at a thrift store than a typical shop.”

Other Benefits of Thrift Shopping

There are more reasons why thrift shopping is good. Here are some other benefits of thrift shopping down below.

Thrift Store Shopping Helps You Support Charities

In case you didn’t know, many non-profit organizations manage thrift stores to support different charitable institutions. So, when you purchase from a thrift store, the sales from it go back to charity.  Donating your old items is a great way to give your support, but you can help even more by purchasing from them.

Thrifting Boosts Community Development

Whenever you purchase from a thrift shop, remember that you are also boosting community development as you do so. This is because you will be helping local enterprises instead of big corporations. Thrift stores also offer more jobs to people in the community, which promotes the local economy too.

You Can Revamp Thrifted Pieces

The great thing about fashion is that something out of style can go back in trend after a few years. This fact means that you can freely revamp thrifted pieces by altering them and adding the perfect matching accessories to make them stylish once more.

There are More Items You Can Check Out

Besides fashion items and clothing, you can also find other things in thrift stores. In fact, you can check out different vintage furniture, pieces of jewelry, and home decor without worrying about their price! These products can be your next potential DIY project as well, which can bring out more of the creativity you have in you.

To sum it up, thrift store shopping lets you save the environment while also helping your wallet.

Additionally, you can give back to the local community whenever you thrift since most shops support charities. Lastly, thrifting lets you think outside the box and explore your creativity by flipping vintage pieces into unique ones that suit your wardrobe the best! So, if you are looking for a thrift shop near you, you can check out Haven House, one of the best thrift stores in Panama City Beach, FL, for quality pieces that will not break your wallet.