How to Turn Thrift Store T-Shirts Into Workout Tank Tops

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How to Turn Thrift Store T-Shirts Into Workout Tank Tops

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What is Thrift Upcycling?

Thrift upcycling simply refers to the creative ways of transforming any thrift store items into “new” products. It is also known as recycling your thrift store finds and giving them a second life by turning them into pieces you want them to be.

Is it Possible to Turn Thrift Store T-Shirts Into Workout Tank Tops?

If you are already bored with the old t-shirts you have in your closet, did you know that you can DIY them into clothing pieces you can use for different purposes, like gym clothes? Yes, it is possible to revamp your thrift store t-shirts into workout tank tops. In fact, this article will guide you through how you can make a DIY t-shirt into a tank top and even into other workout tops.  

With thrift upcycling, you can unleash your creative side using some supplies you already have at home. It also requires some of your technical skills such as sketching, cutting, and sewing, if you are feeling a little bougie.

How to make a DIY tank top from your thrifted shirts:

1. Prepare your materials

The first thing you need to do for your DIY is to prepare your materials required for your thrift upcycling. Here are the things you need to gather for this project:

  • Any cheap t-shirt you have in your closet or thrift store t-shirts
  • Chalk that you can use to mark on the fabric.
  • Sharp fabric scissors, or you can use your trusty pair of craft scissors.
  • Hot Glue Gun (optional if you don’t want to sew)
  • Thread (optional)
  • Needle (optional)
  • Sewing machine (optional)

2. Mark your shirt

After prepping your materials, it is now time to start the whole DIY project  by flipping your thrifted t-shirt inside-out. Ensure you are marking your shirt’s insides so that you won’t have a hard time washing or erasing them later on. Mark the areas that you plan to cut. You can also stretch the cloth lightly so it will roll on its own for a “no-sew hem.”

Pro tip: It is best to iron your shirt first before you mark them. You can also use your old tank top to guide you while drawing lines on the shirt.

Optional: If you want it to look professionally done, you can sew the collar area and bottom hem using your sewing machine or hand-sew them if you don’t have any equipment with you.


If you want to explore your creativity, you can also turn your DIY t-shirt into a tank top by making it a tie-dye top or cut some designs at the back of the top to form a heart. Feel free to unleash your artistic side when designing your tank top.

Why You Should Turn Your Cheap T-Shirts Into Workout Tanks

Did you know that turning your cheap t-shirts into workout tanks has its benefits? Well, here are more reasons why you should flip your thrifted tees into workout tops.

1. You can save a lot of money.

Since you already bought the shirt for a low cost, you get to save more money altering them because you don’t have to pay any additional labor cost and can do the project using your tools available at home.

2. It lets you explore your creativity.

When doing any DIY, including your “t-shirt into a tank top project,” you get to explore your creativity and artistic side by planning out and designing your workout tee. Unleash your inner design skills with this fun and fulfilling project!

3. It helps you manage your sweat better.

Once you transform your ordinary shirt into a tank tee, you can manage your perspiration better than before. This is because while exercising, you will be able to keep your body temperature lower and stay more relaxed.

4. You can do more body movements easily with tank tops.

Lastly, you can do more workouts that require a greater amount of body movement with tank tops because you do not have to worry about your shirt’s sleeves getting in the way. This fact makes wearing a tank top more comfortable and lets you work out longer than you used to because it makes your body less sweaty.

Other Workout Clothes You Can Make With Your Thrifted Shirts

  1. Racerback tees
  2. Crop tops
  3. Sports bras or brallettes
  4. High-low scoop back tee

Turning your thrift store t-shirts into workout tank tops can benefit you more than you think. It can help you save money while unleashing your inner creativity. Besides that, you get to have a top that lets you do more body movements smoothly without worrying about sweating a lot.

I hope this guide on how to make a DIY tank top helps you in your future projects. And if you plan to do your DIY t-shirt to tank top project anytime soon, you should visit Haven House, one of the best thrift stores in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, for great-quality pieces at a wallet-friendly price!