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What Makes a Good Thrift Shopper

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People love to shop in thrift stories for different reasons. Most avid shoppers simply want to save money and spend it on more valuable things. Others like the fact that they can put their creativity to good use by restoring old items and making them more functional. Some prefer thrift shopping to maintain a greener lifestyle by using only recyclable items.

No matter what your goal is in choosing to be a second hand shopper, there are certain qualities that you need to have in order to master the art of thrifting. Anyone can shop in these stories. However, it is better to know how to always make the most out of each visit, and that takes practice. Most of these abilities are innate, but if you are a thrift store regular, you may already have begun to develop these kills on your own.

So what makes a good thrift shopper?Economical


Are you all about saving money where possible? Do you look for deals and discounts all the time? Most importantly, do you set a budget and stick to it fairly easily? If you answer YES to all of these questions, then thrift shopping is perfect for you. Thrift stores give you the freedom to shop without spending too much cash, and you really don’t have to compromise quality, as thrift shops are filled with great items. Since store owners are generally eager to move used items and make room for more, you might even get lucky and score a huge discount if you ask for it.


To be a pro second hand shopper, it’s good to have a creative streak in you. Since thrift stores are filled with used items, there are a lot of things that you can revamp or re-purpose. You can mix and match outfits, re-paint mugs using more vibrant colors, turn glass bottles into vases or lamps, and even redesign old cabinets to fit the style of your decor. If you’re someone that’s into DIY projects, who can see beauty in anything that’s already thrown away, then you can be a true second hand shopper.


Though thrift shopping is an exciting activity, it can sometimes be difficult to find the best items from piles and racks of second hand goods available, so it is very important to have the patience and determination to stick to your goal of discovering recycled treasures. The competition may be stiff, but you have to keep on digging and hunting through those racks to go home with the best items in the bunch. One of the best thrift shopping tips that you must learn is how to do “the scan.” Since not everyone has the time to look at every piece in the store, scanning is a good technique to save time and effort. As you make your way to the store, scan the racks, and only go through the ones that stand out, the ones that really catch your eye.


With so many options available at a thrift store, the ability to distinguish quality is a very special skill. Wise thrift shoppers know how to look at a certain product to discern its real value. With just one look, they can identify if a furniture or piece of clothing is retro, vintage, or not worth their time. They know what markings and logos to look for to see if what they’re holding is the real deal. Of course, it takes years of buying from thrift stores to be able to master these techniques, but it’s never too late to start learning.


Only purchase the things you really need. You can enjoy browsing some items, but it doesn’t mean that you should take everything home with you. Thrifting is not for impulse buyers. A good thrift shopper knows how to refuse an item, no matter how irresistible it is.

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