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Thrift the Season to Be Jolly - Thrift Shop Christmas Gifts

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The coronavirus has taken the world by storm. In just a few months’ time, we see ourselves dealing with the inevitable disease with the power to significantly affect all aspects of our lives. Even the economy has been severely shaken. Some are losing jobs or taking huge pay cuts, which can lead them to reduce their expenses to the minimum.

Though we are still battling COVID-19, some things will never change. Many know they must change how they observe the holidays, but they are still determined to enjoy them the best way that they can. Celebrating Christmas, even with social distancing and smaller gatherings, can be a way for us to breathe and be grateful. Pandemic or not, we still anticipate the wonderful things that we do as soon as the yuletide season approaches, like decorating our homes, putting up lights and trees, taking annual photos, and most of all, shopping for Christmas gifts!

Put a whole new spin on your gift giving this year by Christmas shopping at thrift stores! It is not only a way to buy more affordable gifts for your family and friends. It’s also an exciting way to choose presents on a more personal level. With a huge selection of thrift store finds, you should be able to find something unique for everyone.

Here are some great thrift shop Christmas gifts that you can grab this year:


New books can be very expensive, especially the really good ones, so why don’t you try looking for used books and gift them to a bibliophile niece or cousin this Christmas? Thrift stores have a ton of them, and some even look like they haven’t been touched. You can find all kinds of books second hand – children’s books, novels, whole series, textbooks, and more.


Make your fashionista friend happy. Whether they’re into dresses, coats, jeans, or shirts, thrift shops got them all! Purchasing second hand clothes is the way to go if you want to buy branded pieces of clothing but you’re on a tight budget. In fact, in 2019, the LA Times has considered buying used as the new trend in Christmas shopping. Just remember to thoroughly wash and dry everything before wrapping them for Christmas. One of the best thrift finds is vintage clothing, so keep your eyes open for really awesome bargains.


Christmas gift giving will not be complete without making the kids happy. If you have already experienced Christmas shopping at thrift stores, you surely know how jam-packed toy aisles can get around this season, so you might want to visit a little earlier. Not everyone is open to buying used toys, and that’s understandable, but if it’s still in excellent condition and the price is a fraction of what they would cost brand new, what’s holding you back? After all, it’s not about the brand or the price. Gift giving is all about making people feel appreciated.


Complete your list by grabbing some kitchen items. Whether it’s for your mom, your favorite aunt, or your best friend, you will find something great, as there is a large collection of kitchenware in thrift stores. Most of them may still be in good condition or may be restored to their original state through proper cleaning. Some good thrift store finds are pots, cast iron pans, silverware, baking dishes, glassware, and more.

Christmas Décor

This can be your gift for yourself this year. Most people decorating their homes with thrift store buys will transform them into DIY projects. With a little creativity and patience in finding the best pieces, you’ll be surprised by what you can create.

This Christmas, give thrift shopping a try. You will not only save some cash, but you will also have a greener season by gifting people with used items, which is another way of recycling. Visit Haven House now, one of the best thrift stores in Destin, FL.