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Summer is all about the heat! Ditch your sweaters and cardigans and prepare to be fashionable with these summer fashion trends. The dry season encourages everyone to dress loosely with pastel color palettes and thin fabrics.

Fashion experts suggest wearing light-colored clothes throughout the summer months with different clothing styles. You will feel cooler if you wear lighter colors; black absorbs more heat, while lighter colors reflect light instead of absorbing it, making them more summer-friendly. It’s still okay to wear dark colors like violet, black, charcoal, or violet, but they just don’t have the summer vibe going.

Going Retro

‘Throwback’ is a word that can easily describe the slew of fashion trends in recent years. If spring fashion is all about loose sweaters, the new decade has seen summer fashion trends from the 90s and the early 2000s make their way back to the public consciousness, gaining new fans from the younger generation.

The 2000s Summer Fashion

The twenty-year fashion trends rule makes it easy to predict what styles will return every decade. Just look back 20 years, and you’ll see the style many are using as inspiration today. Fashion trends used to take 20 to 30 years. But, with today’s fast fashion, styles are changing at a faster pace, and consumers quickly lose interest. Still, 20 years is a good time for fashion looks to come back in style. 2021 was a good example of how many styles from the early 2000s are still in style.

Crop tops and braless dresses are the summer fashion trends back in the early 2000s, and these are the trends that are coming back strongly this summer 2022. Tube tops and low-rise jeans are also expected to return for the season.

90s Summer Fashion

The 90s is an iconic decade in fashion. It brought fashion trends with colors and laid-back styles to life, with a mix of minimalist fashion and grunge aesthetic. One of the most remarkable attributes of the 90s fashion aesthetic is surf chic. Some of the summer fashion trends that appeared in this decade, like baby braids and face-framing baby hair to anklets, are all signs that you’re a certified Coconut Girl. Brands like Emma Mulholland On Holiday specialize in vacation chic and surf culture.

Summer Fashion Essentials

When looking for the perfect items for your summer wardrobe, pay attention to the latest fashion trends in 2022. These are some items you might want to be on the lookout for when summer thrifting at thrift stores:


Sandals are a staple for warm weather, even though the weather is sometimes fickle. The best summer sandals are versatile and suitable for all occasions, making them a part of most summer fashion trends.

Sandals also come in comfortable styles that look as good as they perform. We are seeing new slip-on slides and padded leather insole sandals that you can wear around the city. Closed-toe caged shoes are also available if you need a pedicure. Delicate, barely-there leather flats or flirty wooden loafers are great options.

For those who want to slip back into heels but still want to be in line with fashion trends in 2022, block-heeled mules and comfy flatforms are options they’ll want to try.


The most versatile piece of the season is a simple sundress. A simple sundress can be worn as a beach covering or a wedding dress, as long as you have the appropriate accessories. They are also great for weekend walks, picnics in the park, or out for cocktails or spritzes. A dainty day dress is also a perfect piece to add to your summer wardrobe.

After seeing friends, family, and colleagues exclusively from the waist up for a whole year, it’s high time that we give our legs their time in the sun. The best way to do this is by wearing dresses with a higher hemline. Micro mini silhouettes were an incredibly popular trend in most spring collections. You have the option to take these tiny but great options out for a spin this spring. Choose from tiered baby dolls, smocked puff-sleeve flares, or backless halternecks.


Sunglasses will be necessary since the summer season is full of warm and bright sunny days. Having a handy pair of sunglasses that you can use all year is good; having one, especially during summer, is better.

Add your favorite shades as a finishing touch to your summer outfit. Take them everywhere, from vacations to just driving around town. They’ll always keep you in style.


You might also want to add a stylish cover-up or reliable sunscreen to your summer look. Raffia or cotton hats add a chic style to most summer looks, while straw hats are great for a beach outing. Out gardening the whole day? Wear a floral bucket hat to keep yourself stylish and protected from the sun.

Structured hats are appearing in many silhouettes this season. You can also consider a variety of textures, including colorful crochet and towel-soft Terry cloths. You also don’t need to worry about packing a hat in a suitcase, whether you are traveling locally or abroad; you’ll find a lot of light, foldable, and soft cotton canvas or straw bucket caps in thrift stores everywhere.

Why You Should Go Thrifting This Summer

It’s summer, so now is the best time to shop for secondhand summer finds and even spring fashion finds from last season. You will need to know how to maximize the value of your thrift haul if you’re new to thrifting. A thrift store will usually replenish its shelves and racks on certain days of the week; plan your trips around these days so you can get the latest products.

You’ll find most of the best deals at the end of the season. Many people are just about done cleaning out their closets to prepare for the new season. It’s amazing how many items are donated with their original tags attached. These items could include sports equipment, light jackets, and athletic shoes. You’ll get a better deal if you shop at a thrift shop than if you buy the item in a traditional retail outlet.

Money Savers

The best reason for most people to thrift is so they can purchase high-quality goods at a reasonable price. You will find that most items on sale are in excellent condition and reflect current trends. You may also find vintage or new trends clothing and antique goods worth much more than what you pay for them.


Instead of contributing to a culture that encourages wasteful consumption, you buy used goods that have been donated to a charity. Thrifting shows that you care about the environment.

Secondhand purchases are naturally environmentally friendly. You’re giving life to something that was once destined to be thrown away.

Community Service

Many thrift stores are not profit-generating businesses like big retail chains; instead, they exist to help others. Buying from thrift stores that are driven by helping others is a great way to leave a positive impact on your community.

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