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When we think of celebrities and Hollywood A-listers, we often envision them walking through the streets of Beverly Hills with a bag of designer clothes. However, that is not the case. With the rampant issues of fast fashion and environmental degradation, news about celebrities that recycle has also caused a stir.

Shopping as a Status Symbol

At the turn of the century, shopping had become a norm that provided people with temporary joys. What’s worse, consumer culture took a turn for the worse with the introduction of fast fashion. The conversation started revolving around trends, brands, and questions like “where do celebrities shop?”

As celebrities and politicians encourage people to shop, it slowly contributes to the degradation of the environment and people’s mental health. While widespread consumerism has increased in recent years, it is not a new disorder.
Excessive shopping and shopping addiction are two problems people face worsened by the introduction of fast fashion. Sadly, some people tend to view shopping as a status symbol. The more they can shop – especially with designer brands – the more successful they look. This is why celebrities that recycle and visit thrift stores are applauded for their influence.

Thrifting as an Alternative

Thrifted clothes are distinctive in a digital age where fashion is constantly displayed. YouTube and TikTok’s ubiquity of thrift haul videos has made thrift shopping accessible to many teenagers. Also, the expectations about price have significantly been lowered. A thrifty person and celebrities that recycle can easily build a large social media following simply by their love of thrifting.

The majority of these vloggers are young women who film themselves browsing Goodwill racks or styling the clothes they find. Depop, Poshmark, and Mercari make shopping for thrift store outfits and reselling easier, particularly with the impact of the pandemic on in-person retail.

The secondhand market is on the rise and could be contributing to the decline in fast fashion, thanks to celebrities that recycle. With the rise of the popularity of thrifting, celebrities are even going to thrift shops to find a good deal and a unique outfit.

Celebrities Who Thrift

Some celebrities shopping know that you do not need expensive, high-end clothing to make a fashion statement. Isn’t this the mark of true fashion icons: someone who can create a stunning look with only secondhand and inexpensive threads?

These stars, musicians, and celebrities are among the most lovable A-listers and celebs who rock thrift store outfits. They love thrift stores and don’t mind shopping for bargains.


Macklemore stands out among celebrities that recycle; only one celebrity from this list is a fan of thrift shops enough to write a song. Macklemore’s “Thrift Shop,” released in 2012, was a hit, and everyone should hear it.

Lyrics like “I’m going to pop some tag” refer to what thrifters love most about thrift shops: the freedom to shop like a king and not be denied any purchase. It also helps save the environment.

Julia Roberts

Thrifting is a popular pastime even for A-listers! Julia Roberts is among celebrities shopping in preloved stores and loves to visit thrift shops near their ranch in New Mexico with her children. Because of how fast kids outgrow clothes or how their tastes change, she says that secondhand clothing is a great place to buy kids’ clothes.

Julia is willing to travel anywhere for a good deal; she is known to travel all the way to Tucson to shop at secondhand shops for a weekend.

Zooey Deschanel

‘Queen of Cool’ Zooey Deschanel is one of many celebrities shopping at thrift shops. Her unique and cool outfits are a result of thrift shopping. If you ask her where she got her celebrity clothes, especially her shoes, she’s the type to reply with “Oh, this little thrift store in Rio,” or another unreachable place.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker is fashion’s most knowledgeable person, who has worn some of the most beautiful celebrity clothes and expensive outfits we have ever seen on television.

You guessed it: she is a thrifter. She credits the documentary called The True Cost for her thrift store awakening. It’s a documentary that examines labor conditions in the fast fashion industry.

Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae, a style icon, is known for her ability to rock any piece and make it seem the coolest. We should have known that Janelle is a thrifter and loves celebrity resale clothing. She explains her thrifting habits by saying: “I like unique pieces. I don’t like everyone walking around in stuff I already own.”

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is a movie star who has been shopping in thrift stores since she was just a beginner actress, buying used celebrity clothing. She was seen thrifting last summer with her husband and their two children.

Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren believes you can spend one dollar in a thrift shop to get a jacket that costs a thousand dollars if you buy it in a shop. You wouldn’t be able to tell which jacket was which if you saw them walking down the street.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith has been a thrifter for many years and passed her passion on to her children. Jaden Smith says, “Thrifting and repairing and patching clothes is the future. I am starting to see more statistics about fashion…and that is what I like.”

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes is a master at thrifting. She once wore a $6 Goodwill gown to her first red carpet event; she even did her hair and makeup herself to cut costs. “Viva thrift shops!” she wrote.

Diana Ross

Aside from shopping at Marshall’s, we love Diana Ross because she uses a fanny bag there. She tweeted that an “angel” had found her belt bag and turned it in. But, in the end, music A-lister Diana Ross loves shopping at thrift stores to find unique items.

Anne Hathaway

Anne has chosen to wear eco-friendly fashion for her Colossal media tour. She opted for a floral, spring vintage dress that Penny Lovell, her stylist, found at a flea marketplace for $15 10 years back.

She also kept the accessories eco-friendly by pairing the dress with a vintage Gucci belt and borrowing Roxanne Assoulin earrings.

Why You Should Shift To Thrift Shopping

Other non-profit and charitable organizations like Haven House often open thrift shops to raise funds to support their missions. Aside from supporting such worthy causes, shopping at thrift shops can bring you other benefits like:

Thrifting Helps Save Money

You can find great deals at thrift stores if you look for items you need. You can find many items in thrift stores, including furniture, appliances, clothing, and rare collectibles.

Thrifting Helps Save the Environment

Thrift stores encourage the reuse of clothing and other items, which reduces the need to produce more items. They also help reduce landfill footprint. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, thrift store sales clerks are “Green Jobs.”

Every step of clothing production requires water: making a t-shirt requires 400 gallons of water while an average pair of jeans needs 1,800 gallons.

You also have to consider the pesticides used in cotton production that can contaminate groundwater and cause soil acidification. Most processes involved in creating clothes also require energy.

Shopping at thrift stores reduces all of these costs.

Thrifting Encourages Creativity

Although many people shop at the same shops, shopping at thrift shops can help you create a unique wardrobe. You can also purchase clothes that you can transform into new items. Thrift shops are also the best place to look for materials you can use to make a quilt or jeans to turn into shorts.

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