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As a generation of young people moved on from the edgy, grunge aesthetic, a new trend surfaced – or, in this case, re-surfaced.

The last couple of years gave some people enough time to discover and rediscover trends and post them on popular social media platforms such as TikTok. One such fashion trend is what they call twee fashion or hipster fashion.

But why is twee fashion making such a comeback? The runway predicted that the twee style would return to fashion, despite trends moving at breakneck speed from decade to decade.

It makes sense to connect all things twee to any piece inspired by Cashin, who is credited with the invention of layering in fashion. For instance, Coach’s Spring 2022 Collection was heavily inspired by Bonnie Cashin, an American sportswear designer who worked for Coach in the 1960s. Vogue editor Steff Yotka wrote that while it was somewhat twee, sweet sincerity is shaping to be New York’s mood this season.

Essentials of the Hipster Aesthetic

Those unfamiliar with fashion trends may think: “What is twee fashion?” How is it different from the retro style? The twee aesthetic actually employs the retro style. Here are some essentials if you want to get into the retro feel of twee fashion.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a staple in the twee style, inspired by ballerina slippers. The ballet slippers, also known as ballerinas, are form-fitting, thin footwear with a rounded toe and are generally shaped for dance. Ballerina slippers are meant to be used indoors, on the practice and stage floors, not outdoors. On the other hand, ballet flats are outdoor shoes modeled after ballerina slippers but with thicker soles.

Another difference worth mentioning: the satin professional women’s ballet shoe is made from a silky fabric. Ballet flats, on the other hand, are typically made of thin leather and canvas.

A-Line Dresses

One of the most in-demand silhouettes for dresses is the A-line. A-line dresses complement most body types, making them one of the most beloved dress styles. Most A-line dresses have a form-fitted bodice that flares out at the waistline through sewing darts to create a triangle shape similar to a capital letter A. These silhouettes emphasize narrow waists, wide hips, and bust lines.

A-line can also describe dresses with a hem wider than your shoulders, like those with a corset-style or cinched waist, and A-line skirts that sit just above your hips. Sheath dresses, empire waist dresses, and ball gown dresses also follow an A-line silhouette.

A-line dresses can have hemlines that range from full skirts to just above the knees and any type of neckline. They may also have off-the-shoulder sleeves, long sleeves, short sleeves, or none at all.

Patterned Tights

The delicate – and mostly feminine – design of patterned tights is cute and adds a stylistic element to the otherwise simple garment. Patterned tights are a great compliment to cardigans and mid-length dresses.


Cardigans are sweaters with zippers or buttons in front that may drape or hang loosely. Cardigans are knitted fabrics, similar to sweaters. They can also be layered or used as standalone pieces or layers.

Cardigans are good for insulation and can complement your overall look. If there is a staple in twee fashion, it’s the cardigan. Pastel-colored cardigans are very reminiscent of the twee aesthetic.

Peter Pan Collar

Peter Pan collars are bib collars that vary in size and are designed to fit the neckline. It lies flat on the chest with soft, curved corners. They are made to be detachable or sewn to clothes, and they come in different materials.

Peter Pan collars add a feminine touch to your look. Some sweaters come with removable collars; Ganni and Sea sell Peter Pan collars in separates so that you can dress up or down as needed. On the other hand, creating Peter Pan collars for sweaters and blouses is a great way to spice up your knitting skills.

Peter Pan Collars were named after Maude Adam’s iconic 1905 performance of the lead role in J.M.Barrie’s novel. It is also associated with characters such as Little Lord Fauntleroy or Buster Brown.

The Return of the Twee

Twee is a popular TikTok fashion style because millennials were reminiscing the days when they wore the look. As if to emphasize the trend’s return, participants in the social media trend are singing She & Him’s “Why Do You Allow Me to Stay Here?” — a music staple of the hipster subculture.

Twee Fashion and Thrifting

Retro styles returning to the fashion scene always bring good business to thrift stores. Since the main aesthetic of hipster fashion is retro, people started flocking to thrift stores to find vintage pieces that fit the style.

Now that the hipster aesthetic and new fashion trends are coming back to life, there will be surges in thrift store visits. Generation Z is accelerating these numbers, whose members embrace second-hand fashion faster than any other age group, and they account for more than 40% of global consumers. Depop and other online resale companies like it are gaining value due to their changing consumer habits.

Etsy acquired the app in a $1.6 million cash deal. This move was designed to expand Etsy’s reach to a younger, digitally-literate audience. Depop was the ideal target; 90% of its active users are below 26 years old, made to look like a social media platform.

TikTok has become a platform where many new fashion trends such as the twee style are found, driven by social media and influencers that make traditional retailers nearly irrelevant.

Why Should You Consider Thrifting?

There are a handful of benefits to thrifting aside from finding inexpensive and unique pieces of clothing. Here are some reasons why you should do thrifting.

Thrift stores sell high-quality items.

Thrift store products are often made of good quality materials from genuine clothing labels, allowing them to stand the test of time. They are not made for fast fashion and are made to last, unlike clothing found in stores like Zara or Forever21. Their sturdiness adds to their resale potential, despite being previously used.

Thrift stores allow creativity.

Shopping at a store without mannequins showing you what’s hot may seem daunting, it’s not impossible. Thrift store shopping allows people to mix and match different pieces of clothing, which lets the wearer’s individuality shine through.

Thrifting lessens hoarding.

It’s easy to let go of those inexpensive jeans you found at the thrift store that doesn’t fit. You can always return them and try again. Items with a smaller financial investment are easier to let go of.

Thrifting supports the community.

Thrift shopping has many benefits; it saves money, reduces landfill waste, and helps your local community. You get great deals and help your community by supporting local charities, reducing waste, and creating connections.

Haven House Thrift Store Helps the Community

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