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Trendy Thrift Store Fashion Tips for Summer 2021

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Summer’s here, and your fashion’s got to keep up!

Can’t show up to the beach in last year’s ensemble? You don’t need to buy something brand new to look your best. All you need is a good haul of cute, thrifted outfits. With smaller crowds to compete with, you’ll have a racket of fashion-forward rarities to love this summer.

Here’s how to thrift and wear secondhand pieces like a boss with our expert tips to creating the ultimate thrift store style.

How to Shop for Thrift Store Clothes This Summer

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, thrift stores are the best places to hunt down quality clothing at reasonable prices. Compared to standard retail, these outlets offer a more sustainable and ethical way of selling clothes.

Here are some tips and tricks for coming up with your thrift store fashion game plan:

1. Plan Ahead of Time

There are specific days of the week when thrift stores restock their shelves and clothing racks. To have access to the freshest and most plentiful piles in stock, plan your trips accordingly. Though you can go any time of the week, it’s best to go during work hours to have less competition.

The tail end of the season is usually when you’ll find the most unique items because thrift stores clear their wares to gear up for the next batches, causing some hidden gems to resurface. Regardless, even if you don’t end up with the latest find, you can still stumble upon unexpected goodies from time to time.

Lastly, if you’re making an active effort to travel a great deal to get somewhere, don’t forget to call ahead. While most thrift stores have similarly priced and timed discounts, others hold them at inexplicable times of the year.

2. Determine Your Styles and Brands

After taking inventory of what’s already in your wardrobe, think about what items you need to fill in the empty gaps or update your outdated rags. Doing so makes it easier and less time-consuming to sift through racks and shelves, overwhelmed by choice. Have a clear picture of what styles and colors you’d like to show off this summer so that you won’t have analysis paralysis and can be in and out before the crowds show up.

3. Know Where to Look

For every item on your wish list, do some prior research to see what your local thrift stores already have in stock and for how much. While this isn’t applicable for many, it’s still an advantage if the information is readily available online or by word-of-mouth. This way, you’ll know that you aren’t being swindled and are paying exactly what you’re meant to. Thrift fashion isn’t supposed to be expensive, so your wallet shouldn’t feel airier than usual at the cashier. If possible, you can also practice your haggling skills and study your local thrift stores to see which would be most susceptible to your irresistible charms.

Another expert thrift shopping tip: the closer the store is to a wealthier neighborhood or upper echelon district, the better the hauls are likelier to be. The people in these places tend to have more clothes to donate, some even after being used once, and most of which are from major labels with quality materials. When it comes to thrift store fashion, it’s all about playing smarter, not harder.

Cute Thrifted Outfits To Try This Summer

Here are some of the best thrift fashion items that have recently found their spot in the limelight to keep an eye out for when thrifting this summer:

1. Statement Collars

When thinking about collars, school uniforms or workwear usually come to mind. Surprisingly, the return to public spaces in 2021 has opened doors for collars to be recognized as a new summer trend.

Numerous prominent fashion labels, such as Gucci, introduced collars in their 2021 Spring/Summer collections. Keep an eye out for rounded, retro collars you can wear with classic shirts and dresses for that extra spice.

2. Hawaiian Shirts

Brands like Stüssy, Engineered Garments, and Supreme have included Hawaiian shirts in their Spring/Summer collections. They, however, are usually priced at no less than a hundred dollars each.

Don’t worry. It’s easy enough to find more affordable replacements at your local thrift store to complete your cute thrifted outfits for the summer. To some, Hawaiian shirts are a fashion staple no matter what time of the year it is, making thrift stores a natural paradise they flock to.

3. Summer Accessories

Thrift stores are famously regarded as homes of the most wallet-friendly accessory finds for any outfit, among which stand legends, such as the floppy sun hat and funky sunglasses.

The ’80s- and ’90s-styled Ray-Bans are typically the #1 go-to for sunglasses, especially among millennials. The case is different for headwear. While Ray-Ban does sell hats, L.L.Bean-branded or regular printed bucket hats are a stand-out, given their awesome combination of protection and style. Talk about thrift store fashion!

4. Shorts, Skirts, and Sundresses

Shorts and skirts are popular bottoms for any summer outfit, so if your wardrobe’s bottoms section isn’t full of them, you may need to boost the numbers up a bit with a new haul. Brightly colored and patterned shorts are a popular choice in thrift stores among most below the age of 40.

For skirts, ruffles are a priority buy thanks to their gentle movements and aesthetic visual appeal when faced with a summer breeze. Hemmed skirts are a strong contender as well because of their conservative yet stylishly modern touch.

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