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What To Do With Your Old Clothes

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Finding a new purpose for your old clothes is one good way to help the community and help save the environment.

Every home has clutter. Things are just tucked away inside your garage, in your almost full storage area, behind the doors, in your attic, and in your closet. As much as you wish that these things could last for a lifetime, it is really not the case. In one way or another, they get worn out, grow out of style, or you just can’t find a reason to use or wear them.

If you take the time to look at your closet now, you will see pieces of clothes that you have not used for a long time. Maybe because that old favorite blouse and t-shirt do not fit you anymore, those skinny jeans ran out of style, or that beautiful dress sits higher above the knee now. Sometimes, as much as you want to take them off your closet, you do not want them to end up in the garbage bin, right? However, the problem is, you do not exactly know what to do with these old clothes.

We’ve got you covered! We will provide you with clever ways on how to recycle clothes that are totally worn out and those that still have life in them.

When Your Old Clothes Are Totally Worn Out

1. Recycle the Textile

Though you cannot wear the clothes themselves, their textiles can still be recycled! There are already several textile recycling programs across several states, and calling them is the first step. Before you give out, make sure that the textiles are in the right condition, not necessarily wearable but clean and dry. If you put dirty and wet fabric with clean ones, it could damage the others. Remember, wet fabric is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Thus, be responsible enough in tossing away your fabric.

2. Compost

Do you know that clothes made from natural fibers like cotton, silk, and wool are good composting materials? Yes, they are! Just make sure they were not combined with synthetic fiber such as spandex and polyester and have no stains such as paint or motor oil. Before you put the textiles in the compost pile, remove all plastic buttons and zippers, and cut them into small pieces.

3. Donate to an Animal Shelter

Animal shelters usually need old clothes and fabrics to be used as bedding for the animals. Since these are worn out already, they are fine even if the animals bite them every now and then. Just make sure that the fabrics are clean when you donate.

4. Repurpose

Old clothes that you cannot wear again can be turned into other things. You can turn these into smaller items that serve another purpose or tie and sew them to make a bigger one. Here are some of the ideas you may want to try:

  • Create your own tote bags for grocery shopping by sewing up your old clothes.
  • Cut, sew and create a fashionable mask to match your outfit.
  • If you have kids, turning your old socks into puppets is a great way to play around. Cut a little more from other worn-out clothes and shape them into eyes, noses, ears, and mouths!
  • Cut your jeans, and turn them into shorts. Try them on first, measure your size, and cut!
  • Cut your t-shirts, and turn them into headbands or scarves.
  • Sew your old clothes, and turn them into a quilt or blanket.
  • Make your own doormat or rugs by sewing up your worn-out clothes in a rectangular shape.

When You Can Give New Life to Your Old Clothes

1. Hand Them Down

Handing down old clothes to younger siblings or younger family friends is one good way to save money for the latter. Just make sure the clothes are clean. If they have a stain, make sure to inform them.

2. Swap with Friends

Why don’t you hold an intimate party and ask your friends to bring old clothes to exchange with one another? This is easier if your set of friends are the same size as you!

3. Sell

Holding a garage sale is a common idea for those who want to sell pre-loved items, not only clothes. Exchanging your old ones into cash is definitely a practical idea to declutter!

4. Donate

If you do not want to swap with friends or sell, and if you want to give a helping hand to charity, it is best to donate clothes. When you give away old clothes to charity, you are decluttering your closet and helping the community. Just make sure that they are still in good condition. Call a charity within your area, and know where to drop off old clothes.

A messy closet, or a messy house in general, creates a stressful environment. If you take away those that you are no longer using or are too old, you will benefit in several ways. You make these old clothes serve another purpose, get a new owner, serve the community, and save money!

If you find your closet has too many clothes to hold and you prefer to donate, call us at Haven House Thrift Store, and we will schedule a pick-up to your place in Florida or Tennessee. Just provide us with a list of items, so we can better plan ahead. When you buy or donate to our thrift store in Destin, FL, you are helping us support men who are recovering from addiction. Your generosity will go a long way! Fill up the contact details, and we will get in touch with you soon!