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Thrift Store Shopping for DIY Fall Décor

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Autumn is one of the best times to get new decorations. However, there is no need to overspend to make your place look extravagant and beautiful. Making DIY fall décor is a good way to start! It does not just save you money; you will also be doing Earth a favor. Aside from fall clothing, thrift store shopping can give you the best home accessories!

Here are some of the best thrift store finds for fall.

1. Faux Flowers

While the assortment may regularly change in thrift stores, faux flowers are almost always present. You can either choose a beautiful arrangement or buy them per stem. Look for yellow or orange blooms. If you prefer white or light-colored petals, put them in a copper or gold pot to get that instant fall look. You can also mix some fresh plants to create a realistic autumn atmosphere.

2. Brass and Copper

Some thrift store home décor comes better in groups! How about a vintage brass or copper candlestick? While it may not be as attractive when used singularly, a gathering may create an impact. Use your favorite fall shade of candles and light them for a special dinner or other events.

3. Bottles and Jars

It is easy to find glass jars in thrift stores. You can use them as a pot for your colored flowers or as centerpieces for your tables. Paint them to get the tones of the fall season!

4. Old Books

Did you know that old books also make perfect DIY fall décor? You’ll see racks full of books at thrift stores! While others grab them for a good read, do not miss vintage or outdated books for their aesthetic quality. Get books that are in the same shades like burgundy, emerald, green, orange, and yellow for fall decorating. You can also use them to give your other décor some height.

5. Sweater Pumpkins

Knit sweaters make an excellent DIY pumpkin, and thrift stores have a lot of them! This beautiful thrift store home décor idea is very easy to craft. Just cut the sweater in half from the armpits. Create a running stitch along the bottom of the fabric. Pull it tight as you stitch around. After closing the bottom, add your stuffing material, creating a round shape. Leave approximately 5 inches of the sweater on top. Close the sweater by doing another running stitch. Add a piece of twine for the stem. Run some twine in sections from the top to the bottom to create ridges. Now you have a unique pumpkin for fall!

6. Baskets

While baskets are perfect for every season, they give such a great texture for autumn!

Why not add some extra storage around the house? Instead of spending on new plastic totes, you can use old baskets to store scarves, blankets, and even boots. Just give them a new color to match the season and your other décor.

7. Tin Cans

Repurposing an old tin can into a patio light can make for romantic fall décor! You’ll need snips or shears, a puncher, paints, and tea light to get started. Remove the can label and clean it thoroughly. Create holes in the can and paint it with a warm fall color. Insert the tea light into the can. Repeat this process to create multiple lights, and hang them on your patio.

8. Seasonal Throw Pillows

You can also make good use of old sweaters or flannel shirts to make beautiful throw pillow covers. Start by cutting off the sleeves. Be careful not to damage the seams. Place the pillow inside the fabric and center it with the pockets, buttons, or other embroideries to give it a unique design. Cut any excess fabric and just leave one inch on every side. Sew them together with the fabric turned inside out.

Once done, get the right side of the fabric out, use the center button to open, and insert the pillow. If your sweater or shirt does not have buttons, add a zipper to one end of the cover.

Give your home a refreshing look this fall season. All of these materials can be easily bought at Haven House, one of the best thrift stores in Panama City Beach, FL. Drop by and enjoy excellent DIY fall decor at a bargain!