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2020 Style Trends Women Can Look for at a Thrift Store

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Revamping your closet to follow 2020 style trends has never been more affordable! Thanks to thrift stores, whether you are hunting for a modern day dress or lovely vintage jewelry, a thrift shop run is exactly what you need.

For endless inspirations on your next haul, check the following trends. Create a collection that will suit every occasion.

For Work: Power Suits and Blazers

Channel your girl boss vibes with powerful padded shoulders and matching suit patterns. Vintage blazers are making a huge comeback! With or without the shoulder pads, a blazer is a staple for every woman’s closet, given many an ensemble a striking look.

These beauties also make for a perfectly laid-back look. Pair them with chunky sneakers or use a belt. Some celebrities even match it with athleisure pieces.

The great thing about the blazers is that they are versatile! Even oversized suits will do wonders for your outfit. Matching monochrome tones with loud base pieces are highly recommended to create a dominating look.

For Nights Out: Stand-Out Neons

This 80’s top trend never seems to stay out of style for long. Do you like bright and captivating colors? The high contrasts of neon pieces can be easily found in any thrift shop rack, from tops to accessories, shoes, and even bags.

A neon outfit is more than enough to make you stand out during night parties. Try it out at the shop and think of plain items from your wardrobe to create a perfect match. Neutralize and balance your whole outfit; make sure that the shades you pick will also suit your skin tone!

For Day Trips or Dates: Dainty Cardigans

If you are a sworn thrift clothes lover, you would know how many beautiful cardigans there are on the racks. Luckily, French-style cardigans are the newest trend to emphasize feminine looks.

You can wear it as a top and match it with pleated skirts or jeans. Some celebrities also leave some buttons open just above the belly button to create a sexier look. The perfect tones to complete that Parisian vibe are pastel colors. This also makes a great outfit for romantic dates and trips.

For the Perfect Accessory: Mini Bags

Who else has not appreciated this classy accessory? Aside from being really useful, mini bags are your modern option for effortless fashion.

When shopping for secondhand bags, though, make sure to check for any damage. The size also matters. Will it fit your daily essentials, such as your phone, a small wallet, and some keys?

Bags are worthy investments, and we are looking forward to seeing this trend last for years to come!

For Classic Choices: All Things Vintage

The variety of classic clothing you can expect at your local thrift shop may be overwhelming, but leaning towards anything vintage is always a good choice. We are talking about faded denim, polka-dots, pleated skirts, bell-bottoms, or some good old boots.

You can do several styles using these vintage pieces. You just have to be more creative. If possible, look for established brands to be sure of the quality.

Did these stunning trends excite you for your next thrift shop run? Affordable women’s fashion should give you the leverage to enjoy and try as many styles possible. All these and more are waiting for you at Haven House, a thrift shop in Panama City Beach, FL! This 2020, we are rooting for you to go all out with the looks that you love!