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Upcycling Thrift Store Finds - 12 Green Wrapping Paper Ideas

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If you have been thrift shopping for a while now, you probably have seen thrift store finds that you can use as a gift wrapping. To help save the environment by reducing waste, upcycling giftwrap can be very helpful! You can present gifts in several creative ways, making them look unique and interesting even before anyone looks inside. Use the following materials:

1. Maps

Thrift stores have a lot of paper maps. With advancements in technology and the introduction of Google Maps and Waze, these once essential tools have now become relics of the past.

Instead of chucking them in the trash, you can use them to wrap your gifts. Their designs are unique and will make a perfectly attractive green wrapping paper.

2. Magazines

Like maps, magazines can also make beautiful wrapping paper. If you need to wrap a large item, you may connect several pages using tape to create a bigger sheet. You can easily find old magazines in a thrift shop book stash.

3. Newspapers

Unlike maps and magazines, you can get a constant supply of newspapers. It is not difficult to find. You might even get it for free at your door on a regular basis. However, if you need more than what you have saved, go to a thrift shop!

Newspaper sheets make a good-sized upcycled wrapper. While it is not as colorful as magazines, you can color it to make it more attractive.

4. Cardboard Boxes

People do lots of online shopping these days, and most are delivered in cardboard boxes. Thrift stores often get a good supply of these materials from donations. You can actually use cardboard boxes for your gifts. While they are plain and simple, tying them up with a piece of string and using added decorations like glitter will make them look perfectly gift-like!

5. Padded Envelopes

Used envelopes are perfect for wrapping small gift items. All you need to do is cover the address and the stamps on it using stickers. Wrap them up with a colorful ribbon, and you are good to go!

6. Brown Paper

Similar to cardboard boxes, you might find brown papers lurking in the packages you get from online purchases and donations. These are definitely good options for green wrapping paper!

Be creative! Check on the trends to see which designs will go well with a string or a ribbon. Some might tuck a sprig of seasonal leaves under a string to make it look presentable. This should be easy if you have some greenery nearby.

7. Toilet Roll Tubes

Did you know that you can also use a toilet roll tube to wrap presents? They can make a cute little package that’s perfect for small items. Fold both ends of the tubes and glue or tape them. You can draw on it or add colorful cut-outs. It’s easy to make it look lovely!

8. Kids’ Artwork or Coloring Books

Do you have children at home? Do they bring lots of artwork home from school? You can actually use these masterpieces to wrap gifts for your family and closest friends. It would be sweet to have something personalized and hand-made, even when you wrap gifts that came from the store.

9. Glass Jars

Glass jars and bottles make the best containers for homemade gifts! You can add home-made bath salts, soaps, biscuits, brownies, cakes, and more with these. They are very affordable too. Thrift stores have them in different designs and sizes!

10. Baskets

Baskets are cheap at thrift shops and are highly practical. Get one that is a perfect match for your gift size, and just add a tag! Your recipient can recycle it as well, as the basket can be used for storage afterward.

11. Clay Flower Pots

Another creative way to present a gift is the use of clay flower pots. Just like baskets, you can easily place a gift inside the pot and decorate it if you wish. Pots often come with a bottom dish to catch water; use it as a lid and tie with twine, a ribbon, or an elastic band.

12. Shopping Bags

Obviously, shopping bags are easy to reuse for gifts. You can give it as it is or cut it up to use as wrapping paper. Whichever you choose, they will make a perfect green wrapping paper!

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