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Repurposing is an innovative, cost-effective, and sustainable way to organize and store kitchen staples. The most popular thrift store items are vintage kitchen appliances and hardware. Vintage items are particularly popular because they often work better than their modern-day counterparts and have a certain vintage charm. Lastly, when you reuse vintage items, you engage in an eco-friendly activity because you give them a second life and prevent them from being just another garbage in a landfill.

Additionally, there is a feeling of satisfaction that comes from finding a bargain-priced item while at the same time giving second-hand objects a new life.

You can start searching for thrift store items by visiting yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. Here are some straightforward ways to organize your kitchen using thrifted items.

Tips on How to Organize the Kitchen

1. Determine problem areas.

When determining how to organize your kitchen effectively, take the time to step back and analyze. Try to identify the sections of your kitchen that are working effectively and which sections are not. Look for cluttered cabinets, and make a list of items found there that you would ordinarily use if it weren’t for the clutter of other items getting in the way.

Secondly, try to identify which locations you clean the most frequently. Typically, the areas most often in need of cleaning include under the sink, utensil cabinets, and pantries.

2. Remove unnecessary items.

It may seem strange to make a mess in order to solve a mess, but it is a necessary stage in any organizational system. Remove everything from your kitchen cupboards, drawers, and pantry, and discard anything broken, expired, or obsolete.

3. Divide your space into zones.

Identifying where specific items should go and ensuring it is easy to place them in their designated area are key factors influencing your kitchen level of organization. Remember, the easier it is to put things back where they belong, the more likely you will stay organized.

Many people organize their kitchen by dividing it into zones or defined areas. Typically the kitchen zones will include:

  • The consumables zone will include the refrigerator and cupboards containing food.
  • A preparation zone – This zone is dedicated to food preparation and includes kitchen worktops or a kitchen island.
  • The non-consumable zone includes all the areas where non-consumable kitchen items are kept. For example, it will include kitchen cupboards and drawers that store cutlery, plates, and drinking utensils like cups, mugs, and glasses.
  • The cooking zone – This zone will be the kitchen area where you cook your food. This area typically includes a gas stove and/or an electric oven.
  • The cleaning zone – This is the kitchen area dedicated to cleaning. This area will typically include the kitchen sink and/or a dishwasher.

4. Make use of clear or wire organizers.

Clear or wire containers are excellent tools for keeping your kitchen tidy. Viewing what foods or snacks you have on hand makes it easy to keep track of your stockpile without adding to clutter. You can try looking for these types of thrifted items on your next trip to your local thrift store.

5. Use drawer dividers.

Drawers are beneficial in the kitchen, but without dividers, finding what you’re looking for in a drawer becomes a complicated and frustrating experience. Create dedicated kitchen tools storage sections for utensils, cutlery, pot holders, and other items using drawer dividers, baskets, or tension rods.

Thrift Store Finds To Organize Your Kitchen


Baskets have their place in every thrift store. The good thing about baskets is that you can use them to store many different items. For example, you can use baskets to store pantry supplies, cookbooks, and dish towels. You’ll never run out of different types of baskets because there are a lot of secondhand selections.


Trays, especially charming vintage ones, are another excellent thrift shop find for organizing your kitchen clutter. You can use trays to arrange bottles of herbs, spices, or condiments in one location. In addition, you can use decorative trays on your countertop as a centerpiece where you can place fruits or snacks.

Glass Mason Jars

Mason glass jars are one of the popular thrift store items you can buy in bulk. Clear glass jars offer a limitless number of functions. They are ideal to use in the kitchen for bulk products such as sugar, flour, granola, or oats.

Wine or Soda Boxes

Before companies switched to cartons or plastic, they shipped sodas and wines in boxes or crates. If you can find these wooden crates and cartons in a thrift store, make sure you snap them up because you can use them in many ways. For example, they make an attractive holder for spices, condiments, or even towels. They can also serve as a handy under-the-sink organizer.

Cake Stands

Cake stands are another essential item you might discover in a thrift store, similar to trays. You may use cake stands for more than just presenting sweets; you can also utilize them to tidy up your mess. Put your seasonings and oils in them, and put them on a shelf near the stove for easy access.

Tin Metal Cans

Metal cans made of tin have numerous uses. They are perfect for storing vitamins and medicines and can also be used for storing culinary utensils and teaspoons. Additionally, you can use them to store snack bars, flour, and sugar, items that typically clutter up your drawers, and they can also be used as a makeshift vase.


Bowls are another organizational mainstay you can find in abundance at any thrift store. Bowls work well as drop zones; to collect mail, keys, or sunglasses. You can also use it as a container for fruits, vegetables, or other kitchen knick-knacks.

Locker Baskets

Locker baskets may appear to be an unusual addition to a kitchen, but they are quite useful. Lockers that previously contained footwear can now serve as cupboards in your kitchen or on your kitchen counter. Use locker baskets to store travel cups or as storage containers. You can use these wire holders to showcase folded dish towels or to keep bagged lunch foods easily accessible on your tabletop.


The kitchen can be challenging to work in if you have to dig through a pile of plastic containers or open every cabinet to find a particular item. Fortunately, the tips and suggestions in this article will help you make the most of your available kitchen space. You can find many kitchen items in thrift stores; some even consider them a virtual treasure trove. The kitchen items found in thrift stores can help you organize and operate your kitchen at peak efficiency.

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The time and effort you spend preparing meals will be significantly reduced if your kitchen is well-organized. Devoting days to decluttering your kitchen may seem overwhelming, but with the help of organizational thrift store items found in thrift stores in Destin FL, you’ll find organizing your kitchen an enjoyable task. Visit us now and make your kitchen your new haven.