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Old clothes from your closet may have another use. Instead of sending your used clothing to a landfill, try one of these eco-friendly options.

Suppose you don’t know what to do with your outgrown wardrobe. Think about unique and creative ways to recycle old clothes before you throw them away. It’s worth noting that the textile industry is predicted to add 22 million tons of microfibers to the ocean between 2015 and 2050, which might include your old, discarded clothes.

So, depending on the state of your garments, consider several options to recycle old clothes, such as donating, composting, and upcycling. If you want to do your part in preserving the environment and giving your old clothes a new lease on life, try some of these recycling strategies.

How to Recycle Old Clothes

1. Organize a garage sale.

Remembering our youth’s community events and garage sales brings back fond memories; these events common in smaller communities are a great place to sell your old clothes and make some extra cash.

2. Give aid to individuals who are in need on a local level.

There are many options to find the right community program or church to which you can volunteer if you wish to help refugees, new immigrant families, and those seeking shelter.

3. Donate clothes to thrift stores in exchange for a discount.

Thrift stores are more socially conscious than ever, with many accepting donated clothing from the local community in exchange for store credit or a discount.

4. Clothing exchange with friends and family.

What could be more enjoyable than inviting your friends and family for a classic clothing swap? Set out some appetizers and drinks, and get the party started! Have each attendee bring at least 5-10 pieces of clothing they no longer wear that are still in good condition. In doing so, everyone will leave with a new wardrobe and a renewed excitement for your next swapping party.

5. Recycle old clothes through a textile recycling program.

Everyone has that one pair of jeans they’ve worn to shreds or that blouse they hold onto till the sleeves are completely torn off. Donating to a local textile recycling program is an excellent way to recycle old clothes that are beyond repair.

6. DIY your clothes to repurpose them.

Make a rug, blanket, or shopping bag out of your old clothes. You can also recycle old t-shirts into new clothes in a breeze, whether you want to make something wearable, practical, or artistic. Alternatively, you can make good use of them as rags around the house; they are inexpensive, long-lasting, and simple to clean and reuse.

7. Composting

It may surprise you, but textiles like clothing create excellent compost. Before adding the material to your compost pile, you should remove non-compostable elements such as motor oil or paint stains, plastic buttons, or metal zippers. Look for natural fiber goods made of cotton, silk, wool, or linen, and break them into pieces for a fast composting process.

Creative Ways to Recycle Old Clothes Into Something New

Make a denim clutch purse.

Whatever the reason for discarding your old jeans, whether they are discolored, ripped beyond repair, or just no longer fit, you may put them to good use in various creative ways to recycle old clothes. Use the discarded denim hardware, such as zippers and buttons, to adorn the clutch of a clutch purse. Making a basic fold-over clutch purse requires nothing more than a pair of jeans, scissors, and a hot glue gun, making it an excellent option for those who don’t know how to sew.

Make a cardigan out of a long-sleeved shirt.

Changing a favorite but too-tight long-sleeved shirt into a cardigan is a great way to give it a second life. Make a clean hem on either side of the opening by cutting the shirt along the middle and using iron-on hem tape. You can wear the cardigan open-front or add some buttons if you’re handy with a needle and thread.

Make gloves out of sweaters.

Although some hand stitching is required, anyone with basic sewing ability can make these mittens. This is a fantastic and creative solution for recycling a much-loved but now-outgrown sweater. Adding a fleece lining inside the mittens will make them much more comfortable. Making mittens from scratch is an excellent way to recycle fabric scraps and can be used as a cute homemade present.

Make a tank top/crop top out of old t-shirts.

A pair of scissors and an inventive mind may recycle old t-shirts into new clothes. Select a form-fitting shirt and use some sewing chalk to draw out the halter template before you start cutting. It only takes a few seconds to transform a t-shirt into a crop top, a tank top, or a halter top, and the results are worth the effort.

Make a t-shirt tote bag out of old shirts.

If you want to reuse a favorite shirt while reducing plastic bag waste, try making a no-sew fruit bag out of an old t-shirt. You only need to cut off the sleeves and neckline, slit the hem, cut into strips, and tie all the strips into knots. This is a great first project for those who don’t know how to sew.

Make plant hangers from old t-shirts.

Repurpose large strips of fabric from old tees into a plant hanger in the style of macramé. You may use the strips from your old cotton T-shirts to make a planter for your houseplants. With the aid of video tutorials, even a young child may learn how to weave these plant hangers.


Since spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind, we are more aware than ever of the items we own. We are often left wondering what to do with items that no longer fit us or have already seen their fair share of wear and tear. In these situations, you may consider all the tips and tricks to recycle old clothes. Doing so may give your garments a second life and contribute to preserving the environment. Fortunately, there are more than enough ways to be mindful and sustainable when getting rid of clothing items we no longer need.

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