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When hosting Thanksgiving, the highlight should be your table. Your Thanksgiving party will evolve around the dining table where all will come together to celebrate, enjoy a sumptuous meal, and give thanks for the blessings they have in life.

While you may go the extra mile with magnificent Pottery Barn-style décor and overflowing floral centerpieces, creating a lovely table does not have to cost a fortune. By taking advantage of thrift stores, you can design a lovely tablescape setting on a budget. Nothing is impossible to recreate with the right inspiration and a little imagination. In this scenario, less is truly more, so there’s no need to overthink it.

Start by settling on a style you like, whether a rustic country look, a more formal, elegant feel, or something more contemporary and vibrant. Defining the style will help you focus on what you need to look for in thrift stores, in your DIY materials stash, or your backyard. From there, you’ll be able to decide what DIY decorations you may choose to undertake.

What to Buy at Thrift Stores for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

1. Figurines

Mismatched figurines may be the last thing you think of putting on your Thanksgiving table, but when painted a single color, they look stunning together. Metallics like gold and copper are especially lovely for the fall season. The ideal spray paint for these items is copper. Look for intriguing figurines, such as birds or fruit. Figurines are one of the traditional thrift store finds, and you can generally purchase them for around USD$1 to USD$2 each.

2. Glass Vases

Painting simple floral vases to give them an entirely different look is one of the most straightforward thrift ideas you can incorporate into your thanksgiving dinner table. Your local thrift store will almost certainly have an aisle of these glass vases in various shapes and sizes for USD$1 each. You can fill it with fall leaves or flowers and use it as a table centerpiece.

3. Handcrafted Items

Incorporate handcrafted and natural materials into your table decor to create a rustic country look. When thrift store shopping, look for woven placemats, plaid napkins, wooden utensils, and serving trays.

4. Thanksgiving Tableware

Choosing your thanksgiving tableware will depend on your preferred theme. When you scan the homeware aisles at your local thrift store, you can get various thrift ideas that can serve as your inspiration in selecting your tablescapes for thanksgiving. You can mismatch tableware or look for sets with the same design. Often, you can get discounts if you buy in bulk, it would be best to ask the staff if they have such sales promotions.

5. Glassware

Similar to your tableware, you can choose your glassware according to the theme of your Thanksgiving feast. Thrift stores have a vast array of glassware you can choose from for different occasions. You can go for vintage glasses, classic goblets, or a sophisticated wine glass. Whatever type of drinking utensils you choose is, to some extent, unimportant; what matters most is that it goes with your Thanksgiving theme.

6. Dinner Table

There are some thrift store dining tables that you can quickly refurbish for your upcoming Thanksgiving dinner. After purchasing a dining table from a thrift store, clean it thoroughly with running water, then let it dry. Once it’s all dried, strip the finish with sandpaper, then apply paint or a stain finish.

Thanksgiving Dinner Tablescape Ideas

Utilize an assortment of natural elements.

Don’t be intimidated by a bare table. Your Thanksgiving place settings will look exquisite if you utilize plenty of natural components, such as pine cones, eucalyptus, and white pumpkins.

Stick to neutrals.

Do you think neutrals are boring? Not if you use a range of textures. A mostly monotone table appears wonderfully charming when sprinkled with pampas grass or decorated with rattan vases and dried flowers.

Use a vibrant tablecloth.

Rather than the traditional white linen, try something a little different, like a plaid pattern. A whimsical design is beautiful enough for the holidays when mixed with jewel tones and natural embellishments like wheat sheaves, pine cones, and wood slices.

Use a lot of red.

Save time, effort, and money by relying on reds and greens to bring your Thanksgiving table design to life. You can leave the centerpiece in place for another month this way. The farmhouse-inspired arrangement is also suited for Christmas, thanks to the vivid red pomegranates, evergreen sprigs, and dried orange slices.

Emphasize candle light.

Do you like the concept of cheap decor that makes a huge statement, especially as the sun goes down? Arrange pillar candles at various heights, tuck evergreen around the perimeter, and ensure your place settings have plenty of metallic elements.

Go all out with floral.

Commission a larger-than-life flower centerpiece that covers the length of your farmhouse table for an awe-inspiring Thanksgiving table decor.

Respect tradition.

Make a favorite family item, such as napkin rings passed down through generations or Grandma’s silver, the star of your Thanksgiving show. To make your items stand out, use simple, solid hues.

Personalized table cards.

Set your customized table cards to make your guests feel right at home. Write each name on the cloth or paper of your choice with a calligraphy pen.

Use contrasting colors.

Use two to three contrasting hues to boost the “wow” element. We recommend choosing jewel tones such as emerald, sapphire, green, yellow, and amethyst for Thanksgiving.

Bring nature indoors.

You don’t have to go far to add some autumn flair. Pick up some dried grasses, wheat, fallen leaves, or sticks for a striking centerpiece.


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so finalizing your thanksgiving dinner theme should be a priority. In doing so, you’ll have the luxury of time to shop, do DIY projects, or refurbish your thrift store finds. Remember that celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family shouldn’t be expensive. It’s worth noting that a trip to your local thrift store is an opportunity to turn other people’s trash into treasure. With your creativity, resourcefulness, imagination, and the tips mentioned above, you can create an impressive thanksgiving tablescape that everyone will adore.

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