Thrift Store Finds: How to Turn Old Coins Into Fabulous Jewelry Pieces

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Thrift Store Finds - How to Turn Old Coins Into Fabulous Jewelry Pieces

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The use of old coins as fashion jewelry is not unknown to many. In ages past, the art of curving these metals to be used as fashion jewelry was a groundbreaking development in style, and it often comes back into use. For decades now, people have taken riches like gold, silver, and copper coins, as well as other family valuables, and had them made into pendants, rings, bracelets, or even earrings.

Old Coins Make Perfect Unique, Classy Pieces of Jewelry

Nearly all cut coin charms are hand-made and are refined individually. This makes each piece unique because there is no real bulk production in this kind of process. The designers are very cautious in completing their work, and they normally take lots of time and effort to do it perfectly. They sculpt and finish every coin as if it were the only one they were designing. You can also request a special order using your very own old coins and they will carve it into unique, elegant jewelry.

However, if you are fond of making accessories by yourself, then you can use your very own old coins and design them into jewelry. The art of establishing remarkable and fascinating designs is normally a matter finding the best items for your assortment of supplies.

A thrift store often has a good stash of beautiful old coins. If you are lucky, you can store Italian Lire and other foreign currencies. These are more appealing and enjoyable “jewels” compared to the usual beads. Other materials used for crafting pieces of jewelry like cutters, drills, chains, cords, stones, beads, wood pieces, and other decorative materials are also excellent thrift store finds.

Are You Destroying a Precious, Collectible Coin When You Turn Them Into Jewelry?

Old coins have two separate values if you’re comparing silver to gold. The first is appreciated for the metal that they contain, while gold has more collectible value. You will not destroy the value of these metals if you will craft them carefully, especially with a little advice from a professional.

How Do You Create Fabulous Jewelry Pieces Out of Old Coins?

Listed below are easy steps to create fabulous jewelry using thrift store finds like old coins.

  1. To begin with, you must prepare all the necessary materials. Get old coins, a small drill, a rotary cutter with a diamond bit, glue or paste, craft wire, accessories like chain, cord, and the like.
  2. After you have collected unique old coins, choose those that are beautiful and strong enough to be turned into a wearable item. You can also add accessories like feathers, stones, shells, beans, dice, toys, metals, plastic tubing, and many others.
  3. Try to discern which among these lovely pieces can be used to create a fabulous jewel. Contemplate well in terms of practicality, like how can it be hanged or strung from a cord if you want to use it as a pendant, as well as aesthetics, meaning how good they will look like after crafting. Think of various kinds of jewelry pieces like necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and other fashionable styles for inspiration.
  4. Finalize how you will attach the item to your proposed design, considering the material’s properties. Soft items like plastic can be hanged as a pendant by drilling a hole on it. Sturdy items like coins can be processed using a rotary cutter with a diamond cutting attachment. You may also cover the item using a spiral thick craft wire or use glue to attach a jewelry cap with a hanging ring.
  5. Design jewels by matching old items with the usual accessories. Take note of the textures and shades and coordinate them. It is best to use vibrant colored beads with plastic or metal items. Stones go well with glass or wood pieces.

There are several ways to turn excellent thrift store finds like old coins into fine pieces of jewelry. Either way, this DIY project is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, and you might even want to give them away as gifts or sell them. Check out Haven House’s branches in PanamaSanta Rosa, and Destin FL and Lebanon, TN for your jewelry crafting needs.