Styling Your Living Room with Secondhand Furniture and Other Thrift Store Finds

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Styling Your Living Room with Secondhand Furniture and Other Thrift Store Finds

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Decorating is so much fun! It is very rewarding to see your home come together in a way that reflects your personality. Of course, this can also be time-consuming and pricey. Furniture is a major investment, and all other decor can add up to a hefty total rather quickly. However, did you know that you can still make your new digs presentable without going broke?

Secondhand furniture from thrift stores can make your décor dreams come true! Furnish your entire living room with some of the best thrift store finds with a little creativity.


It is really important to look for secondhand seating with strong frames. As long as a couch has a good body, it can be reupholstered easily. If the padding and upholstery are good, but you’d like to give it a new color, you can also find some helpful supplies from the secondhand furniture store.

You can also build your own seating structures out of thrift store finds like benches and dining chairs. Others might even use an old coffee table to create a cushioned bench. Old suitcases and skateboards can even be repurposed into chairs. Leftover pallets can make amazing pallet furniture! With a creative mind, the options are limitless!

Tables and Consoles

Pallets aren’t limited to seating, though. You can make coffee tables out of these versatile wood pieces, too! If you see old windows left from a home renovation, grab them and create a cool window coffee table. You may also repurpose an old door into a chic side table.


Look for an old vintage television, and turn it into a cool bookshelf with a little creativity. Picture frames can be used to create shelves too! Just add a square of wood at the back of the frame.

TV Console

Old television consoles are often easily found on a trip to a secondhand furniture store. You can easily give it a modern makeover by just repainting the body and the legs. This simple and affordable update can make a big visual difference in your living room.

Room Organizer

An ugly old laminate entertainment center can be turned into a chic room organizer! Just remove the doors, apply liquid sandpaper, and paint.

Marble and Copper Plant Stand

Make your living room cozier by displaying a small plant in a copper or marble stand. It’s not difficult to look for tiles in a secondhand furniture store. While you can use any type of tile, marble will go well with copper. You can also spray paint the copper if you need a brighter plant stand.


Decorating your place with secondhand furniture and décor is only limited to your imagination. Try to look for beautiful images to print and then hang them in secondhand frames spray painted according to your style. Grapevine wreaths also make for perfect wall decorations.

Thrift stores have a lot of old books and magazines. Scavenge those glossy covers and turn them into a lovely scrolled clock. Office supplies such as envelopes and chopsticks can upcycle your lamps!

Pieces of jewelry are also excellent thrift store finds. You can use them to create something cute like a beaded chandelier. Add color to your décor by repainting old glass vases.

Throw Pillows

There’s no simpler way to switch up the look of your living room than with throw pillows. You can buy old pillows and just change their covers, or you can make them from scratch! You’ll find several items that can be used as pillow stuffing from thrift stores. Look for old cotton clothes with unique or vintage patterns to convert into pillow covers.


Cover your floors with secondhand carpets. Add some smooth rocks and make a pebble mat. You can also get a bunch of cheap, ratty shirts from thrift stores and recycle them into a stylish, braided rug.

With a little creativity and patience, you can up-cycle and re-purpose thrift store finds. Secondhand furniture can also give you the same amenities and modern look as brand-new pieces. It’s an excellent environmental gesture too!

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