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Thrift Shopping for Your New Home - Everything to Know

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Many people had let go of their old furniture when they welcomed 2022. The new year is an excellent chance to redecorate with thrift home decor. What other people have let go of might be a great addition to your new home. However, others overlook a few shopping tips before starting their thrift shopping adventure.

Haven House Thrift Store knows how you can score brand new-looking home decor without breaking the bank. Check out these tips before you head to a thrift store in your area.

Thrifted Home Decor: Shopping Tips You Should Know

A thrift store opens many avenues for the inner home decorator in you. Whether you’re into the vintage style and want to level up your new home with a fraction of the cost or looking for new ways to level up other people’s old belongings, a thrift store will not disappoint. Aside from knowing where to go thrift shopping, you should know a few tricks to get the most out of your money.

Know that something isn’t a bargain unless you have a use for it. It should say something about your personality and be something safe to use. Before you start your thrift shopping spree, keep these tips in mind:

1. Set a budget.

Establishing a budget is good practice as it prevents you from overspending. As much as you want to load up on thrift store home decor for your new home, you want to stick to a budget.

List down the things you need. Sure, prices in thrift stores are relatively lower compared to shopping malls, but a few dollars here and there can quickly add up. It’s also a great idea to bring cash instead of credit cards.

2. Measure your space and take photographs.

Shopping for decors in your new home will be made easier if you know specific measurements in your space. Photographs will give you an idea of what best fits the free space.

3. Know the best home decor thrift store near you.

Aside from the budget, you should have a list of thrift stores near your area to give you plenty of options on where to shop. If you’re lucky, you might score great pieces in every thrift store near you.

4. Do your research.

Aside from knowing which thrift stores are near your area, it would also help to do your research. Mapping your route and knowing what decorations they have will save you time and effort. If online information about their home decor on hand is also available, keep a list with you.

5. Pop in often.

The key to scoring quality thrift store home decor is to drop by the store more often. You can visit to check their inventory on your way to work. There’s no telling when “new” secondhand home decorations will arrive, so taking the time to check can be beneficial.

6. Bring a friend with you.

Bringing a friend when looking for thrift store home decor is a good idea. They can help you decide whether the decor is perfect for you. Your friends can also help you haul the items you’ll buy.

7. Don’t hesitate.

Thinking twice before making a purchase is good practice. However, when you spot a precious home decoration, the choice boils down to two — either buy it right away or ask the staff to save it for you. Waiting is not an option because chances are, other thrift shoppers will buy the quality thrifted home decor before you make a decision.

8. Be creative.

When thrifting for secondhand items, creativity should be in the equation. What may look like trash at first may have a use for you once you’ve refurbished it — old clothing with vintage print might be perfect as wall art, and old bookcases can be used as chairs or tables. With a dab of creativity, a gallon of paint, and some power tools, you’ll have home decorations that are one-of-a-kind.

9. Stay focused.

With the wide range of items available in thrift stores, it’s easy to lose track of the interesting home decor. The technique is to follow your checklist. When you’re done, you can start browsing every aisle.

10. Know your limits when shopping in a home decor thrift store.

Knowing your limits when shopping for secondhand home decorations controls your spending. Even if an item looks appealing, it may need a lot of work. Take a step back to assess if it will take more effort to restore the item. If you can’t refurbish it on your own, it may not be worth the hassle. Move on to the next home decoration.

11. Don’t take the home decorations at face value.

When it comes to secondhand shopping, there are days when you get lucky with untarnished items. However, you’ll also get your fair share of unfortunate moments. Another thing to keep in mind to master the art of thrifting is to look past the item’s face value. If the item still serves its purpose, then a few touch-ups are sure to give the decor a new life.

12. Scan the home decorations carefully.

Before you bring the item to the cashier, it’s important to inspect the item thoroughly. If possible, pick up the item and check its weight. Heavier items usually indicate that the items are of high quality, well-constructed, and well-designed.

Don’t forget marks, labels, or tags to know the manufacturer, the materials they’re made from, and how the item is constructed. For wooden furniture, opt for ones made with wood-to-wood joints.

13. Visualize the item’s final look.

Thrifted items don’t look their best at first glance. Some will take more love and effort to bring back their former glory. Before you pass on a decoration, try visualizing it with a fresh coat of paint or a minor modification.

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