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8 DIY Tips in Refurbishing Thrifted Home Furniture

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If you’re thinking of becoming more environmentally friendly, you might consider refurbishing thrifted furniture.

This is one way to give your creative side a chance to flourish. Mix things up in your personal space for only a fraction of the cost of new furniture. Haven House Thrift Store has a variety of second hand furniture along with a few helpful refurbishing tips. Get your tools out of the box and give these tips a go.

Why Thrift Stores Are a Good Spot for Thrifted Furniture

Thrift stores are lovely spots for people looking to find just about anything. Thrift shops have something to offer, from furniture, clothing, books, and kitchenware. However, not all furniture you’ll come across will look their best. Some will need a little TLC to make them look like something out of the mall.

Even so, it’s no question that thrift stores are one of the go-to places for home furniture. Thrift store furniture makes it possible to upgrade the vibe in your area without putting a hole in your pocket. It also gives you the thrill of scoring pieces that are one-of-a-kind. To get the most out of a thrifted item, here are some things you can do to get started on refurbishing them.

How Do You Refurbish Thrift Store Furniture: 8 Tips To Know

If you’re planning to start breathing new life into old furniture items, there are a few things you should know. Refurbishing old furniture requires time and effort to bring back its former glory. Once you know how to do it effectively, you’ll be refurbishing secondhand home furniture one after the other.

Here are DIY tips in refurbishing thrifted home furnitures:

1. Allot time to refurbish the item.

More often than not, transforming secondhand home furniture isn’t touch-and-go. It could either be a minor repair or a repaint. Sometimes, a cheap price tag comes with a few more responsibilities. Your time will depend on your skills and how much free time you have.

It’s important to anticipate how long it will take you to finish before you make the purchase. Consider the complexity of the design, if it’s rusty, and if it has wood carvings. You don’t want it to sit on your home woodshop for a long time.

2. Do some research and inspection.

Know the value of thrifted furniture before you start hauling it back home. A little research can go a long way. There may be tags or marks indicating the item’s manufacturing details. If you think that the item is valuable, ask an expert before making any modifications.

Apart from that, familiarize yourself with signs of aging in furniture. Some pieces may be too old and not worth your time. If the furniture seems fragile in all places, it’s time to move on to the next one.

3. Establish a budget.

Once you find out the item you scored is worth something, determine how much you’re willing to invest in the whole refurbishing process. To avoid putting all of your efforts down the drain, ascertain whether the item is valuable to you.

Ask yourself whether it makes sense to refurbish thrift store furniture rather than buy a new one. Assess if the item requires a more complicated restoration process, which might cost you more money.

4. Know if the item will match your current interior.

Thrift shoppers often get excited when they see something affordable. However, it’s good practice to pause and imagine how the item would look together with the rest of your furniture. It would also help to know the furniture’s original color.

How? Look for areas that are not exposed to regular wear and tear — like the rear part of the furniture. From there, you’ll see its actual grain color. If you think it’s doable, you can begin the process so you can say hello to your very own refurbished furniture.

5. Prioritize your safety.

When you find thrift store furniture, the next thing to do is start the restoration process. Before anything else, you should have all the necessary protective gear to avoid any mishaps. Protective gear for your eyes will come in handy if you’re working with wood or a welding machine.

Wear clothes with long sleeves; they can protect your skin from irritants and chemicals. Wear a mask when varnishing or painting furniture. Keeping your area well-ventilated is also good practice.

6. Clean second hand furniture before you start.

When you DIY refurbish thrifted furniture, never skip this step. Years of neglect could mean there’s a buildup of dust and grime. Cleaning the furniture before coating it with a new layer of paint guarantees a smoother finish.

Soap, sponge, warm water, and a thorough scrubbing will work wonders. For furniture with intricate details, a toothbrush, a sharpened dowel rod, and a 0000 steel wool will help remove grime in your furniture’s nooks and crannies.

7. Do the necessary repairs for the thrift store furniture.

Some thrifted furniture will need a little more love. Repair and replace parts that are damaged or missing. If you can, you can also make the replacement parts yourself. Tightening screws and a little wood glue may fix wobbly furniture legs and other parts.

8. Don’t hesitate to cover up with a fresh coat of paint or a new finish.

Doing this will probably make you sweat. Sanding and chemical strippers can help, but you still need to exert some effort. Some finishes will be more difficult to strip down. If all else fails, painting over it is another option.

Piece of advice: make sure the furniture is not valuable in any way before you apply paint. If it is and you’ve painted over its original finish, the item has already lost its value. One final sanding ensures the furniture is smooth and flawless.

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