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The 9 Most Important Trends for Spring

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Spring is just around the corner, which means we’ll soon be trading our coats and turtlenecks for comfier outfits. If you want to amp up your spring fashion sense, you might want to check out this year’s spring trends.

Spring is the perfect combination of the remaining winter chill and the promise of summer warmth. You don’t need to shell out a huge amount of money to follow these trends. If you want to upgrade your wardrobe, simply go to the nearest thrift store and mix and match unique pieces.

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends

The new year commences with the promise of starting anew. Pretty apt for springtime, isn’t it? Spring is the season of rebirth, after all. It’s when plants and animals wake up from their hibernation and resume their activities. Spring is also the best season to upcycle clothes in your closet and give them new life.

Stay stylish while practicing sustainable fashion by upcycling your clothes in the latest spring trends.


Look fierce and captivating with a catsuit. If you are not familiar with the catsuit, it is usually an article of one-piece clothing made from stretchable material fastened with a zipper at the back. Catsuits cover the whole body, including the legs and arms.

Catsuits were first developed in the 1960s for workouts and aerobics. However, when the 1980s came, it gained popularity as streetwear. Nowadays, catsuits come in a variety of materials. Although still available in latex and other stretchable garments, catsuits made of cotton and wool are now sold everywhere.

Chain Belts

Throwback fashion is still a thing this 2022, and nothing says throwback than chain belts. In the 1990s, chain belts were trendy, especially for streetwear. However, chain belts won’t be paired up with denim for this year’s spring trends.

Experiment with chain belts by pairing them with evening dresses or dark-colored sundresses. Chain belts also look good in tights and slacks for corporate attire–your matches are limitless!

Micro Blazers

Get the comfort of a jacket with the sleek design of a vest. Micro blazers are just the best of both worlds. Improve your casual and corporate attire by including micro blazers. This will not only add elegance to your overall style but will hug your figure in the right places.

Micro blazers come in different materials: cotton, wool, and leather. If you have a lot of extra long-sleeved shirts, you can upcycle them and turn them into micro blazers as well.

Wide Leg Pants

Nowadays, comfort is the primary prerequisite in purchasing clothes. Spring 2022 fashion trends will not be the same without a set of wide-leg pants. Although it looks more of streetwear than corporate, you can still experiment with wide-leg pants.

Wide-leg pants are best with a sleeveless blouse or a bralette, and even a plain, colored shirt. Go for a sporty look by pairing wide-leg pants with wide baggy shirts.

Flare Jeans

It seems the spring trends for pants this 2022 involve a wider look. Baggy denim pants are at the top of the trend. Flare jeans can give a casual, laid-back look, especially when paired with a regular V-neck shirt or a button-up shirt.

Corsets and Bralettes

When one thinks of corsets, their mind will automatically go to Victorian-era dresses and Gothic literature. But that is no longer the case. Be at the forefront of spring 2022 fashion trends by pairing corsets with button-up shirts and comfortable shorts.

Speaking of comfort, spring trends will never be the same without bralettes. Embrace the warmer climate by upcycling your old clothes and turning them into colorful bralettes. Pair it with denim pants or shorts; it will still look good.

Knits and Crochet Materials

The pandemic gave us opportunities to pursue and share hobbies. Knitting is one hobby that took the world by storm at the start of the decade. Because of the resurfacing popularity of knitting, it is not surprising that hand-knit clothing will be all over.

Albeit time-consuming, knitting and crocheting clothes for loved ones is an excellent way to save money and show appreciation.

Wacky Designs

Although wacky designs and colorful artworks on shirts are a staple of streetwear, this spring trend is making its way to high fashion. The next time you visit a thrift store and see shirts and pants with colorful, abstract designs, pick them up immediately. You are just in time to be at home with spring 2022 fashion trends.

Little Black Dress

Among spring trends, this piece of clothing has never gone out of style since its inception in the 1940s. The Little Black Dress is a staple for women’s fashion that exudes class and elegance.

The Little Black Dress comes in all forms and sizes, and it doesn’t have to come from a luxury brand. Pair with a nice, simple pair of shoes, and you’re off to grab everyone’s attention.

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