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How to Style Thrift Shop Blazers

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Blazers can never go wrong in turning a simple outfit into a powerful one. Whether you’re going to office meetings, parties, or casual dates, blazers are always a great choice. This wardrobe essential can easily help you dress up because of its sleek and effortless look. While often expensive at other stores, the good news is that you can score them at a much lower price at a thrift shop. If you want to know more about how to style blazers effectively, read on!

Wear a Monochromatic Look

One of the best ways to look polished is to stick to a one-color palette with your blazer. You can get matching pants, shorts, or a skirt with the same shade, along with a plain top. Don a pair of stilettos to look taller. If you’re just starting to invest in blazers, neutral colors are suggested to make it easier to pair with different pieces. A monochromatic look with your blazer also leaves a great impression in the corporate world.

Go Casual with Sneakers

Who says you can’t pull off a casual style with some blazers? Cool yet comfortable, a classic pair of white sneakers could be perfect with your blazer. This is a great way to mix your formal wear with your plainer clothes. You can experiment with tees, denim, and shorts. This look will be refreshing on you for lunch or wandering the mall with friends.

Rock Some Prints and Patterns

Cheap blazers will make it easier for you to experiment with different prints. Don’t be afraid to collect checkered, striped, and textured blazers. These bold pieces will make you stand out without even trying. Just be careful in overdoing it by sticking to at least one to two patterns per outfit. You can also pair it with fun accessories to express your style. Your colorful blazers are fit for hangouts, parties, and other special occasions.

Try a Laid-Back Look with Skirts and Dresses

You can tone your blazer down with a friendly, feminine style by pairing it with flowy pieces from your wardrobe. Cheap blazers for women can be effortlessly sophisticated once you match them with light-colored skirts and dresses. Your strappy sandals and mules will also highlight this natural look. Let your ensemble inspire you during a date or a fancy dinner.

Aim for Power by Dressing in Oversized Blazers

A thrift shop offers many affordable men blazers that you can use to level up your office outfits. Oversized blazers give off a professional vibe that’s useful for important meetings or events. The structured style can also provide an extra boost of confidence while wearing it. You can channel the inner girl boss in you by pairing oversized blazers with high heels, gold jewelry, and a stylish bag.

Accessorize with Belts and Scarves

If you want to push for a more modern look, adding a belt to an oversized blazer will do wonders. You can either use a belt or a scarf, then place it on your waist to maintain an hourglass figure. Belts are also ideal if you don’t want to use the usual button-ups. Your blazer will also look more personalized when you partner it with different accessories.

Jumping on the blazer trend can greatly benefit your style anytime you need a bold piece to boost your outfit. Blazers have the power to make you stand out in a crowd with just the right styling ideas. If you’re wondering where to buy cheap blazers, go ahead and visit Haven House, one of the best thrift stores in Lebanon, TN. See you soon!