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Fun Crafts for Kids Using Thrift Store Finds

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If you are running out of ideas on how to keep your energetic kids entertained, the answer might just be related to your love for thrift shopping. There are several fun crafts for kids to discover from your stash of thrift store finds.

With these activities, you no longer need a huge budget to bond and have fun with your kids at home. You also get to enhance their creativity as they try out these easy projects. Here are some ideas to keep them busy all day.

Old Tops to Fashionable Tote Bags

It’s time to declutter your thrifted tank tops or t-shirts to transform them into stylish tote bags. Carefully guide them through the process and ready some scissors. First, cut the sleeves off the shirt. Then, cut a “U” shape on the collar of the shirt.

After that, form the bag’s base by creating fringes at the ends of the shirt. Then, tie the fringes together to secure its base. Once the bag is formed, let them decorate it by using colored pens, patches, or paints. They can use these personalized tote bags at school.

Plain Wooden Cabinets and Baskets to A Toy Rack or Playhouse

Gather your thrifted baskets and other wooden finds to create your kids’ dream toy rack or playhouse. All you have to do is encourage their imagination and let them take charge of what sections they want to see in it.

First, redecorate the baskets by painting and labeling them. Then, place them inside your chosen cabinet and organize the toys. You can also hang their cooking tools on the wall and put colorful signages around the area.

Blankets and Pillows to a Movie or Reading Fort

Another of several easy crafts for kids is building a fort using thrifted blankets and pillows. If you have multiple kids, this is ideal for motivating their teamwork.

First, you will need three tall household items, such as broomsticks or umbrellas, which will serve as the base of the fort. Then, use the blankets to form a triangle shape around one elevated point. The kids can also decorate the fort using Christmas lights. Then, create a comfortable setup inside by using the pillows. You may place your kids’ thrifted books or DVDs inside to finish it off.

Thrifted Containers to New Character Toys

If you have thrifted vases, glasses, or plain containers lying around the house, turn them into different DIY projects for your kids. Just set these containers upside down to create a base. Then, your kids may use colored papers and paint to bring their favorite cartoon characters to life. Once decorated, you can reuse them in your garden or decorations for your kids’ rooms.

Picture Frames to Painted Artwork

Make use of picture frames to level up your kids’ creativity. Let them paint and design the borders of the picture frame using paint, colored paper, or gift wrap. Then, place a clean sheet of paper inside that will serve as their canvas. Let them decorate it with drawings and different art materials. Display the artwork afterward.

You can also use larger picture frames as a dartboard or pinboard by placing cork paper on top of it. Then, you can place them in a child’s room to help them with their studies or for entertainment.

Encourage your kids’ productivity by engaging them with affordable DIY projects. Your thrifted items at home are more useful than you think when you use them as fun crafts for kids. These activities will help them appreciate the arts without the need to purchase costly materials. If you want to discover more educational thrifted items, drop by at Haven House, one of the best thrift stores in Panama City Beach, FL.