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5 Thrift Shop Trends You Must Try This 2020

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Whether you’re leaving the house to go to work, the mall, a party, or even the club, you probably want to go in style. Good and comfortable clothes enhance one’s self-confidence when dealing with other people. Often, looking good equates to feeling good, the saying “you are what your wear” could never be truer.

However, when you think about shopping for different clothes and outfits, you might also think about the insane amount of money you might have to pay at the cashier, but that’s where you’re wrong! You don’t have to go and spend lots of money on labels like Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, or Kate Spade just to get that comfort and style you’ve been looking for. There are thousands of similar but cheap fashion items in thrift shops around the country. These thrift shop outfits offer the same good-looking style and comfort, with some even being pre-loved and branded clothes, at more affordable prices. Look out for some of these new fashion trends for men and women when you start your thrift hauls in 2020.

Best Thrift Store Finds: For the Refined Gentleman

1. Vests

A vest could spell the difference between a simple outfit and one that packs a fashion punch. You can easily put them over any shirt or polo, and they come in different patterns, cuts, and textures. Vests are perfect for men to wear on any occasion. Depending on the style and the material, some vests could be used in casual or semi-formal occasions, while some could be used with a coat and tie. Whatever the case may be, you get the bang for your buck.

2. Suits

Buying suits in a popular retail establishment can be pricey. As such, you probably don’t want to wear these suits every day, even if they make you look and feel more confident. This is because you might hesitate to use that expensive suit you bought, lest it wear out faster. Don’t worry; thrift shops have got you covered. The suiting trend started to pick up last fall and is still going strong. Further, consider yourself to be very lucky if you find a matching three-piece suit while shopping at a thrift shop, and seize that opportunity while it is there. If you don’t find one, it’s easy to integrate separate suit pieces with any everyday outfit, or for a more stylish and vintage look, pair them with coordinating vests from your earlier glance around the thrift shop.

Best Thrift Store Finds: For the Sophisticated Lady

1. Power Blazers

Power blazers from the 80’s are coming back into style. You can put on any blazer to turn your outfit into a work outfit or even a hangout outfit. Also, don’t be afraid to try wearing different sizes. Most women look good in oversized blazers. Plus, wearing oversized clothing feels pretty comfortable.

2. Mini Bags

Are you looking for a bag for all occasions? For parties? For work? For formal events? Look no further. Among the hot trends right now are mini bags. Mini bags are handy and easy to carry, especially when all you need to bring are your essentials like cellphones, wallets, and some makeup. A mini bag is definitely a must-have for your thrift hauls in 2020, because at thrift shop prices, you can afford multiple designs for multiple looks.

3. Midi Boots

Boots are arguably the best shoes for the fall. Not only do they protect your feet, but midi boots also look good on almost anyone. Wearing a pair won’t go unnoticed. Plus, you can pretty much rock any outfit with midi boots. They can be paired with anything from jeans to skirts.

Shopping at thrift shops saves you a lot of money, but you bring more home with you when your money goes further. If any of the items you want do not exactly fit your size, don’t worry. It’s normal and can easily be remedied by your local tailor, or you could fix it yourself if you have the time.

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