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Best Travel Items to Buy at a Thrift Shop

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Are you planning to travel soon? Travel expenses may just keep piling up with all the things to buy on your checklist. Luckily, with the help of your local thrift shop, you do not have to keep spending more. You can always travel in comfort and style with high quality, thrifted items.

Here are some of the best travel items you can get for less.

Luggage Bags

A new luggage bag will cost you hundreds of dollars at department stores. Instead, you can opt to look for secondhand ones to avoid more expenses. A wide bag selection offers different types of luggage. For local road trips, you can search for duffel bags, backpacks, and carry-on bags. If you are traveling internationally, rolling suitcases are ideal.

Travel Outfits

Get picture-perfect outfits based on the weather of your destination. Whether you are going for a summer beach trip or winter skiing, lots of great thrift store finds have got your back. It is great to buy secondhand clothing, especially when you won’t be able to wear them often. Pick items that you do not usually have in your wardrobe yet. You can easily score winter coats, rain boots, or nice summer dresses.

Travel-Friendly Beauty Essentials

Save up space in your luggage by getting travel-sized beauty equipment. There is a lot of hair equipment at thrift stores, such as blow-dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners. You can also find small makeup pouches and travel organizers to store your other beauty essentials.

Travel Books and Journals

Keep yourself entertained in between long hours of travel by looking for good reads. Thrifted books are also great if you have children coming along. You can also create a travel journal, where you can write about the details of your experiences. Vacations will allow you to enjoy your free time through these items.

Cameras or Polaroids

Any traveler’s list of must-have travel items will not be complete without a camera. Even though you can already take pictures from your phone, classic cameras offer a different type of documentation. You can also look for old film cameras or instant cameras and enjoy developing them after the trip.

Gear for Camping

Don’t forget to stock up on your camping gear and accessories. If your travel will require you to hike, it’s ideal getting thrifted sleeping bags. You can also buy camping chairs, tables, and camp stoves for some cooking.

Travel Accessories

Travel in style by getting some thrifted hats and sunglasses for your beach trips. You can also protect yourself from the sun with some visors or baseball caps. Extra sandals or other footwear are also great, especially if your trip requires a lot of walking.

Fitness Essentials

For health buffs, you can keep your fitness routine on track while traveling. Thrift stores offer numerous travel-friendly exercise items, such as jumping ropes, yoga mats, and resistance bands. Don’t miss out on thrifted athleisure items for your daily exercise.

Hygiene Essentials

Traveling will not be complete without some extra towels and comforters. If you are staying at a friend’s house or a budget-friendly hotel, bringing your own items will help. You can also keep your toiletries organized by getting small thrifted bags.

You can get almost everything you need for traveling in a one-stop thrift shop. It is all about learning how to travel cheap by allocating your budget to experiences instead of pricey items. This list of travel items is just a preview of several affordable items you can score. Visit us today and get good deals at Haven House, a thrift shop in Destin, FL.