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Thrifting for Halloween - Costume Ideas

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Get your creative juices flowing as many Americans look forward to Halloween.

Not only because trick-or-treating provides a plethora of sweets, but because people get to dress up any way they want — be it real or imaginary. Nobody can judge how you look because, after all, it’s Halloween!

Where then is the best place to find Halloween costume ideas? In a thrift store, no less! Mixing and matching clothes is easy when you walk through the gold mines of thrift store aisles. Nothing beats the excitement of catching that one perfect piece that makes your imagination run wild. Travel back to the ’60s and have Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Run, Forrest, Run before heading Back to the Future!

The Right Thrift Store for Your Halloween Costume

Why choose a thrift store when you can find ready-made costumes at pop-up stores and online marketplaces?
Here’s why:


When you shop at a thrift store, there’s never a need to spend a fortune on a one-night event — not that you could with prices so wallet-friendly.

Dress for the occasion in just about anything you want that’s available.

By scouring the thrift racks, you will score items at shockingly affordable prices, most of which, if not all, are made from high-quality materials as not everything in a thrift store is secondhand.


Competing for the title of best character cosplay isn’t the right way to spend your Halloween — at least, not unless there’s a cash prize involved.

When you buy a ready-made department store look, there’s a good chance you’ll catch total strangers walking around in the very same ensemble as if you all came straight off the cloning factory presses. Halloween may not necessarily be a uniqueness contest, but dressing up as your creative instincts dictate is part and parcel of the fun.

Thrift stores allow your vivid imagination to let loose, working and structuring how to put your vintage and brand-spanking-new pieces together harmoniously to create something entirely unique — entirely “you.” Mixing and matching clothes has never been easier than in a thrift store’s organized aisles upon aisles of wigs, gloves, crowns, and accessories.


Vintage finds are what thrift stores are generally known for. You won’t know whether you want bell-bottom jeans, a neon tracksuit, a blood-soaked ’80s prom dress, or an old-school uniform until you see them come to life before your eyes. Fabulous costume pieces like these never go out of style during Halloween.

Universal Appeal

Whatever your personality, sex, age, size, or budget, there will always be something for you in a thrift store.


Aside from being economical, you also get to help the environment. Clothing makes up a significant portion of global landfills, and the simple choice to shop at a secondhand store helps alleviate the planet of some of humanity’s waste. You get to save clothing from going to waste while simultaneously supporting the community the thrift store serves. Make this year’s mean, green thrifted Halloween costume one for the history books.

Thrifted Halloween Costume Ideas

Here are some excellent ideas you can try this Halloween:

A Certain Super Man

  • Blue Undershirt With Centered Superhero Logo
  • Tearaway White Dress Shirt
  • Tie
  • Black-Rimmed Glasses
  • Black Slacks

A Treasure Hunter Named Jones From Indiana

  • Khaki Dress Shirt
  • Hiking Boots
  • Wide-Brimmed Hat
  • Strap Bag
  • Leather Whip
  • Cargo Pants

Weatherman in a Storm

  • Untucked Dress Shirt
  • Tie
  • Slacks
  • Microphone
  • Upturned Umbrella

A Shirtless Cartoon Mouse

  • Mouse Shirt
  • White Gloves
  • Red Shorts or Polka-Dotted Dress
  • Headband With Circular Mouse Ears

Repurposing Your Thrift Items

Your apparel, accessories, and household items can be the best materials you can use when making a Halloween costume. These basic secondhand goods provide you with a plethora of outfit options. Change them up a little, and see how they work for you.


Leggings make last-minute costumes a breeze. If you have black leggings, all you need are a black blouse, a pair of boots, a jacket, and a mask to transform into a vampire. Just add a black cape and vampire teeth for extra pizzazz.

Long White Dress or Shirt

You can build a zombie out of almost any shirt you can find in a thrift store by tearing it apart with a pair of scissors or a knife, applying some black or white makeup or body paint, and walking around like a corpse. Add a bouquet for a romantic wedding to last till death does you part.

Tablecloths, Hangers, and Duct Tape

If you want to be a superhero, a plastic tablecloth can be ripped and used as a cape. Duct tape can be used to make a mermaid tail, and hangers can make fairy wings. The possibilities are endless.

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