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Thrift Store Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

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Create a themed gift basket

One of the best thrift store gift ideas we can share would be a themed basket filled with goodies. I bet you are wondering where can you find inexpensive baskets — in a thrift store! You can even get one within a dollar and customize it according to your liking. Unleash your artistic side and see what you can do with your basket, then fill it with items that your significant other would love.

A themed gift basket is definitely a great option for those looking for an affordable Valentine’s Day gift.

DIY a picture frame  

Did you know that you can turn an old picture frame into one beautiful Valentine’s Day present? Yes, you can! Get an old frame from your local thrift store and revamp it just the way you like it. You can either repaint the picture frame or add some stickers to it to turn it into a unique and brand-new frame. Just let your creativity flow, and after DIYing the frame itself, you can now put either your favorite photograph or frame a personal message for your loved one. Trust us. They will appreciate this well-thought but cheap Valentine’s Day gift.

Search for the perfect book for your loved one  

Another thrift store gift idea we can suggest is a book! Local thrift stores usually have a big collection of books, which you can buy at a wallet-friendly price. Browse their bookshelves and score an affordable Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. You never know, you might find a book of his or her favorite author. If not, there are always many other options to choose from. From antique books to cookbooks, thrift stores have them all!

Find a vintage tee that your significant other would like  

If you can not think of any other Valentine’s Day present, try giving your significant other a vintage tee. Whether it is a classic one or a shirt with his or her favorite band on it, your loved one will highly appreciate this affordable Valentine’s Day gift, knowing how much time you probably spent looking for it. To make it fancier, put the tee in a stunning gift box and wrap it with a ribbon, and now you’ll have a fantastic yet budget-friendly gift.

Get a scented candle for your girl   

A scented candle is yet another cheap Valentine’s Day gift you can get for your girl. You can pick out the scent she will love the most in the thrift store’s scented candles section. You can opt for flower scents, which you can use on your date night. This will add a more romantic vibe to your set up.

Look for some sunglasses for your man  

Another great thrift store gift idea is to find a pair of sunglasses for your man. In fact, you can score a lot of good quality, affordable sunglasses in your local thrift store. If you are lucky enough, some sunglasses are brand-new and still have their tags on them.

Bonus tip: Buy some fancy dinnerware for your date night  

Aside from giving Valentine’s Day presents, why not prepare a date night using some fancy dinnerware. Thrift stores are home to several types of dinnerware, from the classic plates to gorgeous wine glasses. We are sure your significant other would think you bought that dinnerware at a high price.

So, are you ready to give your partner a Valentine’s Day of a lifetime? Consider getting them one of our thrift store gift ideas! They are not only cheap but they will also unleash your inner creativity. In the end, you will see that bright smile from your significant other despite saving a lot of money from these thrift stores finds.

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