6 Must-Have Thrift Store Finds to Decorate Your Home

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6 Must-Have Thrift Store Finds to Decorate Your Home

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Redecorating your home is always a good idea when you want to be productive and do something worthwhile. Since we are spending more time inside our homes, it’s unavoidable to take a look around and want to make some changes in your living room, kitchen, and bedrooms.

When moving to a new home, you will have a lot of opportunities to decorate your home from scratch. This also means that you will have a lot of things to consider in placing new furniture and decorations in your living room. You will of course want to make your living space comfortable and vibrant. With a lot of planning and budgeting, you will find your home a happy place to live in.

However, as you search for the best furniture and home decorations to buy, you will find that most of them are too expensive for you to be able to decorate your home with completely. But there’s nothing to worry about because you can always go to your local home decor thrift stores to look for more affordable and unique items to add to your home.

Here are the must-have thrift store finds to decorate your home with.

1.  Coffee Tables   

Coffee tables are definitely a must-have for every living room. They are easy to transform and make into a centerpiece that fits right in the middle of your living space. Coffee tables cost so much in retail and furniture stores, but if you are good at searching, it’s one of the best thrift finds. You will absolutely love the different designs and makes of all the coffee tables you will find in thrift stores.

If you want to add a little flair to your coffee table, you can cover it with linen or with a sheet, put some flower vases and candles, you will have the most sophisticated piece of furniture perfect for you!

2.  Picture Frames   

Growing up, you must remember the homey feel of your childhood home, all the old paintings and picture frames hanging on the wall. You can give your own home a decorative touch by adding a few picture frames on blank walls. You have no trouble finding attractive picture frames because home decor thrift stores have a lot of frames with different designs and colors. Just pick the right one with the color and design that suits your living room wall, put in some family pictures, a graduation picture, a formal portrait, and you will be left with a house full of happiness and picture-perfect memories.

3.  Mirrors   

Imagine a house without a single mirror inside. That would be a weird place to live in, especially with your family. You will want to have at least one mirror in your home to balance the design and, of course, to have something to check yourself out. In every thrift store, you will find mirrors of different sizes and frames. You can pick one to put against your wall and paint the frame to fit your living room design. Be creative on your mirror frames and you can even set a theme for when visitors come over.

 4. Lamps   

In all the thrift stores you will ever have a chance to visit, you will always find unique lamps that need minimal repair or repainting. When you buy a cheap thrift store lamp, you can design and make it look as good as new. If you want to have symmetry in your bedroom or living room, you can buy a matching pair and place them at either side of your bed or table. You just need to keep an eye out for the most modern and elegant design to get your money’s worth while looking for the best thrift store finds you will see.

 5.  Dish and Teapot Sets   

This may be a bit strange to look for in a home decor thrift store, but it is quite common to display painted dishes in the living room or kitchen, atop any furniture you could put it on. Try to look for a set that comes with coffee mugs or flower vases to complete the decoration set. White dishes are the most common dish sets in thrift stores, but you can still look for more colorful ones as you go through. You will find a lot of different designs and fun patterns along the way.

Be more creative! How about teapots turned into vases? There’s so much more you can do!

6.  Baskets   

Baskets are one of the most common thrift store finds you will see. You can pick any design that will suit the color scheme and design of your home. Use it as storage for your children’s toys, shoes, blankets, clothes, and many more. Having a beautiful basket can create a lot of convenient storage possibilities for you. Place it beside your couch in the living room or bedroom and you can use it as a handy storage just to toss all the misplaced things you find around the house.

Decorating your home becomes a lot easier with thrift store home decor. You can befriend the staff at your local thrift store and have them keep you updated with all the unique items in their store. If you are looking for the best thrift stores in Panama Beach, FL, you can check out Haven House. We have all the home decor you might want to add to your living room!