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People feel like anything is possible when they walk into thrift stores.

It is the thrill of finding a long-lost treasured heirloom, recovering a limited vinyl album collection, antique mid-century tableware, or finding a vintage fashion item from a signature brand.

If you’ve been thrifting for quite some time now, you’d know the difference between a second-hand item in good condition and an item of high value. There is nothing more fulfilling than discovering valuable thrift store finds amidst the cluttered paradise of thrift shops.

However, some people are still amazed why people flock to thrift stores and treat them as a magical location where you can find treasures in incredible deals for pennies on the dollar.

Why is it Good to Buy Second-Hand Finds?

It is suitable for the environment.

It reduces waste and pollution by purchasing products that are ready to use. This means that there is less product to be manufactured. The production of synthetic fibers such as polyester takes a lot of energy and crude oil. Unfortunately, even linen and cotton can have adverse effects from pesticides.

It supports charitable institutions.

Second-hand shops support charitable institutions and families in crisis with donations and sales proceeds.

It helps you save money and even make money on the side.

You are not only supporting a sustainable lifestyle, but thrifting is also very frugal. Thrift flipping is a popular side hustle that has helped many people save money and pay off debt.

Many thrifty people are savvy enough to turn their passion for thrifting into full-time jobs. They sell thrifted items on e-commerce platforms and even make YouTube and Tiktok videos to share their best thrift store finds.

Thrifty Secrets in Discovering the Best Finds

1. Know the best days to thrift.

Mondays and Wednesdays are the best days to visit your favorite thrift stores. It’s the ideal time to discover the best thrift store finds from the newly displayed stocks.

Monday morning is a great time to shop, as the store will offer a discount on colored tagged items, and the inventory dropped over the weekend will start to rollout.

2. Be patient.

Take the time to explore the shelves. Most of the time, the best second-hand finds are always hidden at the back.

3. Collect then select.

Start by adding everything you want to the cart. Then filter through after sorting the things you love and have decided to buy.

4. Shop in multiple locations.

One of the best thrifting tips and tricks is visiting multiple thrift store locations to search for valuable thrift store finds, especially when the new stocks are displayed. Remember that being exposed in different thrift stores on that day gives you an advantage in discovering the best finds.

5. Understand the basics of quality.

Furniture made with a veneer will not last longer than furniture made from hardwood.

Natural materials are usually more expensive than synthetic materials, whether clothing or furniture. Keep in mind that clothes with a lining are a sign of a high-quality garment. Additionally, it’s more expensive to have a woven tag on clothing and not a printed one. Lastly, shoes made from 100% leather will bear a mark on their soles and the words “vero curo.”

6. Dig deep.

Try to dig deeper on piled-up stuff and gently move them around to see what’s underneath. Sometimes you will find hidden stashes of other thrifters, which they had been trying to conceal for the color discount day. You should always use these thrifting tips and tricks up your sleeves to score valuable thrift store finds every time you shop.

7. Look for off-season clothing and seasonal home decors.

For forward thinker thrifters, the best time to shop for seasonal items is off-season. Shop for clothing and seasonal home decors two seasons in advance to enjoy bigger discounts.

What to Look for at Thrift stores

  • Books – First edition books, comic books, textbooks, novels, and cookbooks.
  • Designer clothes – Jeans, coats, sweaters, dress, pants, skirts, cardigans, and jackets.
  • Hobby and craft supplies – Yarn, fabric, canvas, brushes, baskets, and other crafting supplies.
  • Picture frames and home decors – Picture frames made from wood, plastic, or metal. Authentic and unique home decors, and seasonal decors .
  • Framed Artwork -Valuable pieces of art .
  • Kitchenware – Limited edition sets of dinnerware and pots made from steel. Pyrex and smoked glass wares.
  • Bags and accessories – branded handbags, shoulder bags, tote bags, scarves, hair accessories, tie pins, and antique embellishments.
  • Vintage watches and jewelries – old watches, vintage necklaces, antique rings, branded watches, and collector’s item lockets.

What to Avoid Buying in Thrift Stores

  • Electronics – If the item cannot be tested, don’t buy it. Always make sure that it works.
  • Mattresses and upholstered furniture – If you don’t know the origin of the furniture, it can be difficult to tell if it has bedbugs. Besides, it isn’t hygienic to use someone’s mattress.
  • Items for babies – It isn’t advisable to buy cribs, car seats, and strollers for your babies because it has expiry dates. They may also be subject to safety recalls that you might not be aware of. Keep in mind that safety should still be a priority even in searching for the best second hand finds, especially for your loved ones.
  • Rugs – Old rugs may have years of stains, allergens and mold. It would be best to buy a new rug to prevent allergies.
  • Medical Items – The thrift store is not the best place to stock up on medical supplies like hand sanitizer, face masks, thermometers and face masks because these items can be contaminated.
  • Cosmetics – Wearing makeup from others can cause skin infections and bacteria. Plus, make-up does have expiry dates, so for sure the one in the thrift stores is already expired.

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