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The leather jacket is a versatile outfit that is popular among both men and women. It can be divided into three main leather jacket styles: bomber jackets, biker jackets, or racer jackets.

This fashionable fashion item is a result of military wear. The first brown leather jacket was worn by German fighter pilots in the First World War in the early 1900s. It became what people know as the bomber jacket in World War II.

The warm bomber jacket, which was also known as the aviator jacket or flight jacket, was an essential piece of outerwear for pilots who were subject to extreme cold at high altitudes. The bomber jacket was a part of the military uniform. However, the fashion-forward aviators would not have known how important this timeless style would be to them just a few decades later. Learn a tip or two on how to buy a leather jacket in this article.

What Are Leather Jackets Made Of?

There are many leather jacket styles, from motorcycle jackets that protect you from injury to avant-garde designs, to heavy-duty jackets for protection. Leather jackets can be worn to protect against the elements during outdoor activities and are windproof and warm. But what exactly are these leather jackets made of? What do fashion experts mean by cheap leather jackets?

Animal Hide

There are many animal hides that are used to make a genuine leather jacket. The most common choice is cowhide for heavy-duty jackets. However, buffalo and horses are also available. Leather jackets that are lighter in weight are made from hides of sheep, goats, or pigs. However, more exotic leathers like kangaroo can also be used.

Jackets made of genuine leather tend to be soft and a little grainy compared to synthetic leather’s polished, plastic-like smoothness.

Faux Leather

Cheap leather jackets are made of faux leather. Faux leather – also known as leatherette – is mostly made from polyurethane, silicone, and polyvinyl chloride. Because of the use of the materials, faux leather or leatherette are relatively inexpensive than authentic types of leather jackets.

Factors To Consider In Buying Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are a nice addition to the wardrobe: it’s comfy, stylish, and versatile. However, there are factors to consider before buying one. Various information about leather jackets can be overwhelming but here are clear and concise tips in buying leather jackets.


As mentioned above, different animal hides were used in creating various leather jacket styles. It is important for people to familiarize themselves first with authentic leather before getting out and buying one.

Aside from its grainy texture and softness, real leather jackets have a distinct musky and earthy smell. This smell is unique to the material and is one of the telltale signs of legitimate leather. Failure to familiarize the difference between authentic and synthetic leather may lead a buyer into not getting their money’s worth.

Proper Care

Since leather is a piece of organic fabric, proper care must be observed. One needs to know what kind of leather the jacket is made from. If it’s nubuck or suede, take it to a professional cleaner. To determine the origin of the lining, check the labels. A leather jacket should not be immersed in water.

If you were able to buy your leather jacket pre-loved, here is how you clean leather jacket from thrift store. Regular conditioning your leather jacket with a damp cloth and wiping it with a damp cloth will prevent the buildup of grease and dirt. It should also be kept dry to prevent mold.

Use a damp cloth with soapy water to remove grease and light stains. Blot the leather, not rub it. Avoid over-wetting. The leather should be dried naturally, but not allowed to dry for too long. You can clean linings made of polyester or cotton using the same process, but silk and rayon should be cleaned only by a professional.


Authentic leather is expensive. It takes at least one year for cows to reach maturity large enough to make leather panels. This will take time and you will need to keep the animal safe and healthy. This is the primary reason why leather is so costly.

It is difficult to extract leather from one animal. Leather needs to be properly treated with a variety of chemicals in order for it to become usable. Leather is heavy and can be difficult to work with. Leather requires specialized equipment and expertise. You must start over if there are any mistakes made in the manufacturing process.

There are three types of leather commonly sold in markets: full-grain leather, bonded leather, and natural leather. Leather goods are usually priced based on the type of leather and the manufacturing process.


There are three common leather jacket styles throughout fashion history and in recent years, modifications and stylistic enhancements were added to the traditional leather jackets to provide a chic look. Here are the common types of leather jackets that are highly fashionable and readily available in a leather jacket shop.

Double Riders

The black leather double-rider motorcycle jacket is the most famous jacket style in modern history. Over seventy years, the core design has remained almost unchanged. It’s been incorporated into almost every corner of popular culture from biker gangs in the 1940s and 1950s, through punk rock in the 1970s, to the many “high fashion” interpretations that designers have created in the 1990s. The double rider has seen it all and still looks great.

Leather Bomber Jackets

Origins of the leather bomber jacket date back more than a century. To keep warm, crewmen and pilots of aircraft wore thick leather jackets in the early 1900s. Because airplanes didn’t have pressurized cabins back then, high-altitude flights were subject to extremely cold temperatures for pilots and crewmen. To combat the frigid temperatures experienced on high-altitude flights, a leather jacket was a simple solution.

Modern leather jackets, such as the leather bomber jacket, share many similarities. Both are made from genuine leather and can be purchased in custom sizes. Modern leather jackets don’t always look the same as leather bomber jackets.

A leather jacket shop offers leather bomber jackets that are distinguished by their high level of warmth. All leather jackets are capable of protecting you from cold temperatures. They can also minimize thermal energy loss and insulate your body. This is why leather bomber jackets are so great because it’s what they were made for.

Motorcycle Leather Jacket

The iconic leather motorcycle jacket is the leather motorcycle jacket. The leather motorcycle jacket is a fashion choice as well as protective gear. This leather jacket is now available in many styles, which has only increased its popularity.

This iconic and essential piece of motorcycle gear has seen many changes over the years. It has been a part of popular culture throughout the history of the world. The leather jacket is now a must-have piece of clothing, no matter how you ride.

Why Should You Go Thrifting For Leather Jackets?

Now, where to buy leather jacket for lesser price? Just because real leather is expensive does not mean that people should settle for a lower-quality leather jacket. There are places where one can avail of genuine leather jackets for half a price. Take thrift stores, for instance.

Thrift store items are often donated pre-loved items in good to mint condition. Pieces of clothing such as jeans, tops, and jackets are a common sight. Here are some reasons why more people should visit thrift stores for their clothing needs.

Community Development

Most thrift stores contribute their proceeds to non-profit organizations that aim to lesser privileged members of society. Donating and buying leather jackets from thrift stores generate income and this can go a long way for these organizations. The next time you wonder where to buy leather jacket, head to the nearest thrift store!


Thrift shopping is one of many fashion trends that have emerged in recent years. Thrift shops are not new, but they have been around since the beginning of time. It is becoming increasingly popular because of the increasing awareness about accessibility and eco-consciousness. Thrift shopping keeps clothes and their parts in circulation for longer periods of time.

Tips For Thrifting Leather Jackets

It is important to know what type of leather jackets you want before you start looking for one. It is important to set a goal, but it is equally important to be open to all possibilities. It is possible to be too narrow-minded and miss out on some amazing hidden gems.

A vintage jacket that has seen better days is part of the fun of having a perfectly softened leather jacket. There is a fine line between charmingly old and damaged leather. Jackets made of damaged leather should be avoided. However, lining flaws and rips can be fixed. To ensure that your jacket is functioning properly, make sure you open and close all zips, buttons, and poppers before purchasing. You still need a jacket that functions.

Read the Tag

A piece of clothing always comes with a tag. This tag contains information regarding the materials used in that particular clothing as well as the proper ways of maintenance. Reading the tag will give a person an idea of whether or not the jacket they are planning to purchase is made of 100% genuine leather or not.

The instruction can also tell how to clean leather jacket from thrift store.

Check the Condition

It never hurts to double-check a piece of clothing before the purchase. Check for holes and loose buttons to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth.

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