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9 Tips on How to Thrift Shop

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Thrift shopping gives new life to slightly-used clothes, household items, furniture, or just about anything that still has value. This industry is gaining popularity because of its innately fun way to shop. What started from simple beginnings, thrift shops are becoming great havens for widely-known brands. You can find luxurious brands like Louis Vuitton, GAP, Hermes, and many others. You read that right! What’s better than surprisingly seeing a designer for a meager price? How exciting!

People who know how to thrift shop surely have enhanced their “hunting” skills. When you go to a thrift store, you do not need a list of things to buy, unlike what you do from a retail store. It includes hunting for the best finds rather than looking for a specific item.

What makes thrift shopping a lot better is that most thrift shops you can find have one common goal: Proceeds go to people in need. How wonderful is it to shop (for less) while helping others? Nothing more remarkable than this, I say!

If you are just about to explore the world of thrifting, you stumbled upon a good read! Here, we will talk about helpful thrift shopping tips as we teach you “how to thrift,” like a boss!

1. Search For The Store’s Specialty

Do they sell more clothes? More furniture or household items? Or more toys and books? Once you know which of these they sell, check your shopping goals. Which of these do you need more of right now? Does your child need books and toys? Do you have household items that need replacement?

While it is fun to shop at a thrift store and find just about anything, it is always advisable to list what you need the most. How to thrift? Check your household items, see what you already have, and think of what else you need.

2. Check Your Closet Before You Go

How to go thrifting for clothes? Look at these two things to check in your closet: (1) Clothes you haven’t worn for ages but are still wearable and (2) Clothes you can take away from your closet.

  • Clothes you haven’t worn for five years, but you still find pretty can also go well with your new finds in the thrift store. Take pictures with your old clothes and when you are searching the aisles of the thrift store, look for a match! Let’s see how far your creativity can go!
  • Clothes that you can take from your closet are those that do not fit anymore, no matter how you try. This situation happens when you have gained (or lost) a little weight, the clothes shrunk in size, or it’s just out of style now. Clear some space for your closet and sell (for some cash) or better yet, donate for a cause!

3. Dress Properly

Be aware that most thrift stores do not have fitting rooms, and most do not offer refunds. These are rare second-hand items that you couldn’t choose your size. Wear something that you can easily slip the clothes over. As they do not offer refunds, make sure it fits you!

4. Get Your Item Customized

Being a second-hand item, you could get frustrated that it doesn’t fit you or your needs. However, if you can find one with good quality that seems perfect, have it tailored to fit your specific needs.

5. Shop With CASH

One of the best thrifting tips ever is to shop with cash. As thrift stores offer good quality items at low prices, tendencies are, you buy more than you need and go over your budget. Don’t worry; we get it! These are marked down, and you find these things “inexpensive,” but you need to buy only what you need and those you can use. You do not want to end up selling these in the end.

If you bring just cash, you can easily stay on budget!

6. Search Aisles Quickly

Learning how to thrift means learning how to scan the aisle and let your eyes guide you! Understanding this “art” saves you time but lets you find a needle in a haystack! It’s like you and the other customers in the thrift stores look for a precious gem inside the store. Scanning the aisle effectively lets you be the keeper of the gem!

7. Examine Your Items Before Paying

Typically, purchases are considered final sales. As mentioned earlier, there aren’t always refunds available. Do understand that these are second-hand items, and returning these wouldn’t do much for the store. So before you pay, examine the items thoroughly. Look for small holes or stains. If you find some of these minor imperfections, try to haggle. Who knows, the clerk can sell it for a much lower price.

8. Off-Seasons Are Best For Shopping

Another best thrifting tip is to shop during the off-season. When the demand is low, the price is also at its lowest. Go on and shop for winter boots during summer and see how much you can save!

9. Ask When The Store Restocks Their Items

How do you thrift like a pro? Be the first in line when the store restocks! Who knows, you might find luxury brands.

Why do you need to know how to thrift shop? It not only lets you shop for a lower price but also enables you to help the community in two ways: (1) Saying goodbye to textile waste and (2) Giving good things back to the community.

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