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How to Thrift Shop for Plus Size Clothes

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Variety is the spice of life — to make your thrift shopping worthwhile, make sure the store has a plus size section.

Going to a thrift store is fun and full of surprises. If you’re lucky, you can even score clothes that are branded or almost-new. For plus sized men and women, shopping is made easy with the oftentimes loaded plus size sections thrift stores have. It’s no secret that larger clothes tend to have more practical and aesthetic value potential than the traditional stuff. There’s nothing more satisfying than being able to shop and choose from a variety of different pieces that fit you perfectly.

Plus Size Thrift Shopping Tips

Here are some tips to make plus size thrift store clothes shopping easy:

1. Try the Clothes On.

Clothing sizes have changed drastically over the years. These days, every brand seems to have their own measurements for what they consider to be “medium.” Because of this, trying on your haul of clothes before heading to the cashier is a must. You can save time, money, and effort from returning clothes with a simple one-time trip to the fitting room.

If the thrift store doesn’t have a fitting room or if it has a long queue, put the clothes on top of what you’re already wearing. You can gauge an outfit’s fit and discern how many layers you can put under or on top by doing this.

Also, by trying clothes on before purchasing them, you can mix-and-match items already in your basket. Create outfits and OOTD’s for your next night-out with your friends before ever checking out.

2. Ask if There’s a Plus Size Section.

Always approach the nearest staff, and inquire if the store has a plus size section before delving any deeper.

You can also scan other aisles. Remember, it’s a thrift store, so people often carry clothes around. The staff don’t always have the time to sort discarded clothes and put them back. If you’re lucky, you might pick up a lovely set of plus size thrift shop clothes somewhere unexpected.

One such place is the oft-overlooked men’s section. A lot of men’s clothes are naturally over-sized. Who knows, maybe you’ll find something that will fit. You never know what amazing clothes you can find where you never cared to look before.

3. Be Open to DIY and Alterations.

When you go plus size thrift shopping, you may find clothes that fit your body but not your style. Don’t worry. Just get a pair of scissors, whip out your sewing machine, and get to work. Cut any dresses or tops that are too long, or cut them into a pattern. A tailor can also adjust or modify them for you.

What was once a dress can become a stylish crop top. Got a men’s shirt? Turn it into a tank top. A little inspiration and creativity goes a long way. Give repurposing a try. You can dye, embroider, and add beads and charms to make any article of clothing all the more fashionable.

4. Visit Plus Size Thrift Stores and Swap Events.

Believe it or not, plus size thrift stores exist. If you want to save time looking for thrift store clothes that fit, look for the nearest plus size thrift store in your area. Also, be on the lookout for plus size swapping events on social media. You can bring all the clothes you don’t wear anymore or the ones that simply don’t fit. Keeping yourself updated will help a lot in your mission to expand your wardrobe.

There are a lot of plus size thrift stores and events out there that are worth exploring. All you have to do is find the ones that are perfect for your style. Follow all the plus size thrift shops you find on social media to be up to date with their promos and events. You never know what you’ll find. The right outfit is out there waiting for you.

Do you want to improve your wardrobe and be more presentable in the way you dress for work, leisure, and at home? Finding the best pieces of clothing that look and fit right is easy. All you need is the right amount of preparation, questions, and knowledge of the best plus size thrift shops in your area. You can discover the clothes of your dreams with a little research and determination.

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