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10 Home Decor Items You Can Buy in Thrift Stores

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Have you ever tried looking for home decor items at thrift stores? If you haven’t, then you are missing out on many valuable things! If you want to save money on home decorations, it is essential to look beyond all the random stuff and cluttered items. There are many hidden gems you might find in your local thrift store if you take your time looking.

The biggest secret of home decorations is to know the best places to go thrifting and how to look for hidden items that can be valuable and useful. There are many benefits to thrifting, such as saving money, reducing waste, and original home decorations.

People tend to underestimate the environmental impact of thrift shops. Not only do they help the consumer save money, but they can also save a lot of items from ending up in the trash or landfill. You can help salvage old items by buying them from thrift stores and recycling them for a new purpose.

This article will show you ten valuable items you will find in thrift stores that you can use as home decorations.

1. Wall Art

Thrift stores are the best place to go when you want to look for cheap home decor. One of the best thrift store finds are original wall paintings. You will find many framed posters or photos that are perfect for wall hangings and homemade posters. If you find broken glass or ripped canvas, keep in mind that you can easily take those out and use just the frame instead.

2. Vintage Lamps

You can find vintage lamps in bulk at thrift stores. Most of them need a little cleaning to look elegant again. All you have to do is mix and match its color and design to your bedroom or living room, and you will have the perfect, most sophisticated decoration.

You can also test its light bulb before you leave the store, so you will know if you need to buy a new bulb.

3. Frames

If you love to draw or paint, you can drop by your local thrift store to find cheap frames for your artwork and hang them on the wall of your bedroom. Frames can easily be coated with fresh paint to look new; all you need to do is find sturdy, high-quality frames that will look good as decoration.

4. Vases and Unique Bottles

If you visit your local thrift store, you will find many unique home decor items such as vases, bottles, and candle holders with different designs and shapes. You can repurpose them and add your own design with the use of paint and ribbons. If you have enough vases or bottles, you can have fresh flowers in your living room, dining room, and even the bathroom any time you want.

5. Vintage Clocks

Clocks are one essential decoration any home should have. Purchasing a vintage clock at thrift stores is a good investment. An appealing clock is the best decoration and conversation piece you will have in your home.

6. Books

If you are used to browsing different items in thrift stores, you know they have an abundance of excellent books. You can find all types of books in thrift stores at fair and cheap prices! Some of the books you might want to look out for are leather-bound originals, first-editions, photography books, and cookbooks. These books are perfect for adding to your bookshelf as a decoration.

7. Furniture

Wood furniture is unbelievably expensive when you buy it in shopping malls and furniture stores. However, you can find solid wood furniture if you take your time looking and know precisely where to go thrifting. Keep a good eye out even for a single chair or table because older wood furniture needs to be varnished to look as good as new.

8. Baskets and Trays

Visit your local thrift store, and you will find a whole variety of baskets and trays available. Most thrift stores don’t even know what to do with their selection of baskets and trays because only a few people tend to buy them.

Baskets are great for organizing things in your home; you can use them in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even the kitchen. Find the best basket and trays to use as home decor items and become more organized at home!

9. Glasswares

Glasswares and vintage china teacups are some of the most underrated thrift store finds. Unique items such as bowls, pitchers, and plates are perfect for kitchen decorations and cabinet displays.

10. Home Textiles

If you need curtains, tablecloths, and other home textiles, you can find cheap ones with the best design at thrift stores. Just verify that they have the correct measurements and don’t have any funny smell before leaving the store. Buying curtains from thrift stores is the best way to ensure that no other home has the same as you.

Before you go thrift store shopping, it is essential that you know everything you need to look for. It will also help if you know the best places to go thrifting in your area. At Haven House thrift store in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, we offer a variety of different objects you can use as the perfect home decor items in your house. Visit our store or contact us now!