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Thrifting for Your Wedding - Used Wedding Decor and Wedding Dress

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Discount wedding supplies are an eco-friendly way of celebrating your big day.

Thrift shops are the best places to find secondhand items. A trip to the thrift store is a sustainable and practical option if you have a tight budget. You can get your dream wedding at a fraction of what it would cost to buy new decorations.

You might stumble upon a used wedding decor that will complete your table setting. It’s possible that the thrift store also has your dream wedding dress. Find everything you need in this thrifted wedding guide from Haven House.

What to Look for in a Thrift Store

The month of February is considered National Wedding Month. Since the most romantic day of the year happens in February, it’s not surprising why brides-to-be choose to celebrate their love during this month.

If you’re knee-deep in wedding planning, here’s a list of thrift store wedding decorations and essentials you might want to tick off your checklist:

1. Wedding Dress

A new wedding gown is costly, and you only get to wear it once. You can save money by shopping at a thrift store. If you want to save money on your wedding dress, consider buying secondhand.

2. Bridesmaid Dresses

Thrift stores are home to secondhand items. If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a set from another wedding that matches your color scheme.

3. Shoes

A pair of vintage wedding shoes will complete your wedding look. This option is excellent, especially if you have a dress covering your feet. You can save a few hundred dollars on secondhand shoes. You might even score a designer pair.

4. Candles

Aside from a thrift wedding dress and a pair of shoes, you might also find gorgeous candles to complete the table setting in your wedding reception area. Elevate the vibe by making it more intimate with used candles.

5. Tea Lights

This thrifted decor is ideal for setting the mood for a minimalist wedding. Your guests will not be able to tell the difference because they’ll be in awe of how magical your wedding looks.

6. Glass Vases

Giving your wedding a touch of elegance and sophistication is possible without breaking the bank. Go for a used wedding centerpiece to save money for your honeymoon. Used glass vases are sure to upgrade your wedding tablescape.

7. Baskets

Baskets are a good addition to your wedding decorations if you’re into a rustic wedding theme. Thrift stores are ideal locations if you’re hunting for used wedding decorations. You may use baskets to hold your wedding giveaways.

8. Candle Holders

Candle holders are perfect wedding decorations. Suppose you’re planning to have more than a dozen candle holders for your wedding setup, head over to a thrift shop near you. They might have a selection of candle holders that suit your theme.

9. Picture Frames

If you’re looking for thrifted wedding decor to accent your wedding venue, picture frames of varying sizes may work for you. You may use picture frames to display photos from your pre-wedding shoot or family photos from your family and your partner’s family.

10. Artificial Flowers

If you’re looking for discount wedding supplies like artificial flowers, your best chance is at a thrift store. Real flowers are expensive, and you’ll save tons of money by opting for artificial ones.

Thrifting Wedding Dresses: Reasons You Should Do It

Weddings are costly events to plan. If you’re looking for ways to save money, think about thrift stores’ wedding dresses. Here are reasons you should not hesitate to wear a secondhand wedding dress on your big day:

1. It’s affordable.

Aside from secondhand wedding decorations, you may also cut down on your expenses by choosing a thrifted wedding dress. A custom-fit wedding dress is great, but a used wedding dress may still work if you don’t have a budget for it.

2. It’s eco-conscious.

A thrift shop is a great place to find a wedding dress. You can support sustainable fashion by purchasing thrift stores’ wedding dresses. You will help save hundreds of thousands of kilograms of carbon emissions and hundreds of millions of liters of water.

3. It can be your “something old.”

A wedding tradition is to have “something old,” representing continuity. Hit two birds with one stone by choosing a thrift wedding dress. Let it be part of a special moment in your life, like how it was once part of another meaningful celebration.

4. It’s something you’ll wear once.

If you’re preparing for your life as newlyweds, it’s a practical choice to buy a used wedding dress. It’s something you’ll only wear once anyway. If you don’t plan on holding on to it for long, then a secondhand dress makes sense.

Also, your wedding photos will immortalize that special day. Who knows? You might even donate it to a thrift store so that another bride-to-be can wear it.

Ways to Transform Your Thrifted Wedding Dress

Thrift stores’ wedding dresses and secondhand wedding decor are effective ways to cut down on your expenses on your wedding day. Just like with decorations, you can transform a used wedding dress to suit your style and taste.

These are many ways to modify your thrifted wedding dress:

1. Lose the outdated sleeves.

If the wedding dress you’ve scored from a thrift store looks a little out of style, consider bringing it to a tailor. Have the waistline and the back zipper altered to give your dress a more elegant look. More often than not, the long sleeves or the poofy sleeves make a wedding dress look old.

2. Mix and match with shoulder jewelry.

During your hunt for thrift store wedding decor, be on the lookout for shoulder jewelry as well. If your wedding gown has no sleeves, adorn your shoulders with intricate jewelry. Shine even more on your wedding day with this transformation.

3. Don’t be afraid to shorten the dress.

You may have to reduce the length of the gown you purchased from the thrift store if it is too long. You may also add a lacy ribbon on the edges of the dress for a gorgeous finish. Ask a tailor to do it for you.

4. Change the neckline.

This will give your out-of-fashion wedding dress a refreshing twist. Illusion necklines are a thing of the past, so it’s best to get a professional tailor for alterations. Choose a neckline that best suits your style and personality.

5. Dye it.

You can color your wedding dress with an ivory fabric dye if it is too bright. You will need to read the care label on your garment to find out what fabric it is. Each fabric reacts differently to dye.

You can do this in your bathtub. Let it soak for between 15 and 30 minutes. Check it from time to time to see if the dye is working.

Buy Used Wedding Decor at Haven House

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