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Thrift Store Gems You Can Flip

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Thrift stores are like treasure chests: you can find rare items inside if you’re patient enough to look for them.
Because of the ever-present possibility of finding a valuable rarity, flipping thrift store items has become a profitable side hustle for some people. Interested in doing the same? Don’t just focus on the rare finds. While not necessarily treasures, thrift store gems are much more common and can still be flipped for a decent amount. Here are some of the few you can keep an eye out for.

1. Silver

Most of the silver items being sold at the thrift store are fake. You can’t profit off those. That’s why you need to learn how to differentiate the real thing because there are some just waiting to be found. They could be silver spoons, forks, plates, bowls, or jewelry among others — if you happen to be lucky enough to chance upon them, don’t hesitate to sell them to a pawnshop.

2. Books

Another thrift store gem you can flip are books. In thrift stores, there are some novels signed by their authors that you can sell to collectors. There might even be limited edition books that have since stopped being published and school textbooks that are valuable in the eyes of the right people.

3. Vintage Board Games

A number of board games are no longer being sold, so if you happen to find one, don’t hesitate to resell it. While some collectors don’t care for the quality of the game itself, others take sentimental value very seriously, often bumping up the price to your benefit.

4. Pots and Other Cookware

Buying new pots and cookware for your mother’s kitchen costs a lot of money, which is why they’re considered thrift store gems. If you’re patient enough, you have the option to keep or make money out of them, especially since some still look good as new.

5. Designer Clothes

One of the easiest items to flip are designer clothes, and they aren’t too hard to find either. The brand label is often what pulls the prices up, so if you find any, don’t hesitate to sell them online for a quick and generous buck.

6. Vintage Items

Vintage devices, such as cameras, record players, and typewriters, are outdated as far as technology is concerned, but you can still make a good amount of money by reselling them and their parts. Some designs and models are no longer being manufactured, so they’re considered rare.

7. Nostalgic Video Games

Nostalgic video games are also on the list of thrift store gems you can flip. Video games have been and are always going to be fun, but some have that added sentimental value that can sometimes add a few extra zeroes to the price tag. That’s why, when scouring your local thrift store, it’s best to familiarize yourself with video games from different eras.

8. Frames and Baskets

Some of the most common gems are baskets and frames, especially those in good condition with unique and intricate designs, because they can be resold to basket and frame collectors and those who put a steep price tag on art.

How To Flip Thrift Store Items

One of the best tips for people who want to know how to make money by selling thrift store items is: don’t be afraid to start small. You can practice with a few items to ensure that you don’t lose a dangerous amount of money. Flipping is a risky venture, but eventually, you’ll get used to it and learn new things that’ll help you grow and earn more in the long run.
Thrift store flipping is undeniably one of the best side hustles out there, so if you want to start scoring your own great finds, check out Haven House Thrift Store! You can always visit our thrift store in Destin, FL, and we’ll be glad to see you there.