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Revamping Your Garden Using Thrift Store Finds

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic, staying at home was a luxury for most. Now, it has become the norm for most parts of the world. Another luxury before was gardening and taking care of plants. With most people in the office for the entire day, they usually didn’t have time to care for plants when they got home because they still had to finish chores and then rest.

Now, without the additional commute time, people mostly have more time in the day to do what they want and to dive into their interests. Those who only dreamed of growing a garden before can do so now. However, taking care of plants is not as easy as digging a hole and dropping in seeds. Gardening is a delicate task that needs a steady and careful hand. Otherwise, your plants will never survive.

If you are looking to build your own garden or revamp your existing ones during this pandemic, you might need to buy garden tools. Luckily for you, there is no need for new ones, which can get expensive. Old garden tools are some of the best thrift store finds out there. These used but good quality tools are perfect for beginners and veterans alike. Apart from these, you can also find decorations to fit the aesthetic of your garden.

Old Garden Tools to Look for in a Thrift Store 

You don’t only need to look for old garden tools or decorations. There are lots of excellent thrift store finds that you can easily repurpose for use in the garden. Here are just a few of them:

Things You Can Use as Flowerpots

If you can find planters or flowerpots, that would be nice. However, if you can’t, you can upcycle other materials to serve the same purpose. These include silver or ceramic bowls, small woven baskets, and of course plant vases. You can also recycle pots and pans that were previously used in cooking and use these as flowerpots. While some of the materials you find might need some repairs and painting, a dash of creativity will make them your own.

Recycled Watering Cans

Watering cans might pop up in your searches. If not, there are tons of items that you can use as recycled watering cans. For instance, look for old water pitchers in thrift stores that you can paint and reuse. Whatever the case may be, try these tips or look for similar items among your thrift store finds that you can use to keep your garden hydrated and healthy.

Outdoor Furniture

Of course, no garden is complete with only plants to fill it. Different decorations and outdoor furniture make it look even better, and they invite you to come and enjoy it, not just work in it. The furniture, apart from being decorations, allow you to relax and gather with friends in the same space. Look for an old table and seats that you can repaint and display in your garden. Another thing you can look for are shelves where you can organize smaller plants, such as individual potted flowers or even herbs for cooking or tea. If you are looking to fence your garden, your local thrift store might even have reclaimed treasures like old garden gates.

Other Gardening Essentials

Lastly, you should buy some other handy gardening essentials. These include ladders, trowels, spades, rakes, hoes, pruning shears, and others. These are the basic items that you would need in planting and gardening. Without these, all other materials and decorations would not matter. They are the tools you will use to build and maintain. Gardening is a fine creative pastime to keep you busy during a pandemic. It can keep you distracted, help you learn or even teach something new, and even serve as a means for coping with stress. At Haven House, one of the best thrift stores in Destin, FL, we have a wide range of thrift store finds that include precious gardening materials and garden furniture for your next project. Drop by our store today to see what’s waiting for you!