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World Savings Day, celebrated annually on October 31, promotes the awareness of personal financial planning. It’s also a day to celebrate the importance of saving in sustaining economic growth worldwide. This particular day is also referred to as World Thrift Day.

According to financial experts and money managers, you should have three to six months of living expenses in your savings account. When estimating the amount of savings the average person will need for six months should their income stream be stopped, experts have stated the amount of $9,000.

However, if you’re like most Americans, your savings won’t cut it. 51% of Americans have less than three months’ worth of money in their account, based on recent figures. One of the reasons for this is that many individuals live paycheck to paycheck. Thus, the need for people to learn financial literacy.

What is World Thrift Day

Every year on October 31, we observe World Savings Day, also known as World Thrift Day. The celebration emphasizes the need to save for the future. This day is observed globally to raise awareness about financial savings and to lay the groundwork for basic economic principles in society. It emphasizes the significance of conserving to protect you and your family against unforeseen financial problems.

World Thrift Day means having an event to help people advance and support their goals and dreams, such as having access to excellent health care and education, owning a home, starting a business, and so on.

History of World Thrift Day

The inaugural World Thrift Day was held in Milan, Italy, in 1924, as part of the International Savings Bank Congress or World Society of Savings Banks.

Although the idea of effectively implementing the habit of saving to ensure financial security has long been discussed, the First International Thrift Congress was only convened in Milan in 1924. The World Savings and Retail Banking Institute were also established on this day.

World Thrift Day was established to promote the practice of saving and improved financial and asset management. In India, the day is celebrated a day earlier, on October 30. It is due to the assassination of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on October 31, 1984. Although thrift is a virtue in many cultures, people frequently succumb to impulses and engage in unnecessary expenditure.

The day’s significance peaked between 1955 and 1970. Following the horrors of the two World Wars, citizens became more conscious of the significance of saving.

How to Celebrate World Thrift Day

1. Motivate your kids to start saving early.

Instill in your children the value of saving early on. Give them a heads up on the holiday’s theme so they can start putting money aside.

2. Open a savings account.

To avoid losing money to theft or spending it on impulsive purchases, you should open a savings account.

3. Attend financial company events.

To celebrate World Thrift Day, banks and other financial companies organize events to constantly pitch new savings plans to get their clients to put away more cash. Participate in these events to know your options.

4. Join local events held during this day.

Numerous volunteers put on movie showings to encourage young people to avoid gambling and lottery.

5. Start budgeting at home.

You should set a monthly savings goal and determine how much you can afford to put aside.

6. Set a savings goal.

Plan to have enough money to pay for three months’ worth of living costs, in any case of financial problems.

7. Enroll in a financial course.

Consider enrolling in an online financial course if you’re not very adept at handling money.

8. Consider investing.

Attend investment seminars and learn the ropes of investing and diversifying your portfolio.

9. Shop at thrift stores.

Celebrate World Thrift Day by shopping at thrift stores with family and friends. Encourage thrifting to save money and promote sustainability.

World Thrift Day Quotes to Live By

  • “Always save a certain amount of money in your hands for your tomorrow, and you will never regret it.”
  • “Smallest of the savings made today have the power to give you a better future. Never give up on the habit of saving.”
  • “Saving money for the future is the best gift you can give your future self.”
  • “Celebrate the occasion of world thrift day by reminding each person around you to save.”
  • “It is good to buy what you like now for yourself, but it is even better to save for yourself when you can.”
  • “A small saving a day doesn’t hurt much, but it does make a big difference for the challenging times that are going to come.”

Fascinating Facts About Saving

Banks occasionally give interest on savings accounts.

Make a request to your financial institution for a savings account that pays interest, and then get started.

Unanticipated costs and fees.

The average cost of unanticipated expenses incurred by Americans is over $2,000.

Put money away without being able to access it.

You can have a specified amount of money taken out of your salary and put into an investment or savings account.

You’ll save money if you save on your resources.

When you reduce the amount of money you spend on essentials like water, clothing, household essentials, and electricity, you also reduce the amount you spend overall.

You can build wealth through savings.

Most millionaires got their start by putting money away, which they later put to use to achieve tremendous success.


As we celebrate World Thrift day worldwide, every individual must participate. This event highlights the significance of saving for every household and the whole world. Remember that saving benefits the economy as a whole, besides personal financial stability. When personal savings rates are high, the economy recovers faster. Banks, grocery stores, and other businesses stay open longer when the bills are paid. As a result, these businesses can better retain their employees. Thus, positively affecting our daily lives.

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