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Holiday Shopping at Thrift Stores - Tips and Guides

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Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means: It’s time for holiday shopping!

Aside from being the perfect time for family get-togethers, the Yuletide season is when you’ll find great deals and deep discounts when shopping — whether you’re looking for decorations, clothes, gifts, or other stuff.

While tons of items are on sale during the holidays, it’s still easy to spend more than you should. If you’re looking for a way to get good stuff without splurging hundreds or thousands of dollars, thrift store shopping is the key.

We’ve prepared a list of tips for you to look into before you go on a holiday thrift shopping spree.

Tips for Shopping for the Holidays

Here are some tips to get more and spend less during your holiday shopping spree:

1. Plan Ahead

The key to preventing overspending is to have a plan before going holiday shopping.

Consider Your Budget

Shopping for the holidays doesn’t have to be so expensive. All you have to do is consider your budget. Check your bank account to see if you have spare money. If you have, then you go thrift shopping. Remember that you also have to budget that amount to make the most of your shopping spree.

Focus on your needs first if you don’t have extra funds. Don’t go into debt just because you want to buy some other stuff. Deals and discounts last from November to December — and sometimes until January — so you still have plenty of time to save up if you want to go on a thrift store shopping spree.

Make a List of Things to Buy

When you already have a budget, make a list of things you want to buy. Focus on the essential ones first. You can look for decorations to spruce up your home, gifts for your loved ones, outfits for family gatherings, and dishware for your traditional holiday dinner.

Don’t expect to find everything you need in just one shop. If it’s okay for you to adjust your list a bit, then go ahead and look for alternatives. In case it’s not, you can still go on a holiday shopping spree at other local stores. You can also go back after three days or a week to see if there’s new stock.

2. Shop Early

Shop early if your budget allows you to do so. Usually, thrift stores start putting items on sale as early as September or October — and some after Halloween. During these months, there are fewer shoppers compared to those who go shopping during November and December.

Aside from the luxury of having thrift stores all to yourself, you’ll also get to see and choose the items first if you go thrift shopping early. Keep in mind that most thrift stores restock their items weekly, so consider going back every once in a while to look for new holiday stuff.

3. Be Creative

When buying holiday items at thrift stores, you need to have tons of creativity. There are numerous pre-loved items that you can repurpose. For example, you can buy beads, yarns, and small pieces of wood and turn them into DIY Christmas tree garlands.

To use the holiday deals and discounts to your advantage, look beyond the Christmas season. There might be discounted items that you’re going to need next year. Why not buy them now while they’re on sale? You can also look for other ideas on the internet and include the items you’ll need on your list of things to buy.

4. Buy Smart

One of the best tips for successful holiday shopping is to buy smart. Just because one item’s offered at a discounted price doesn’t mean that you need to buy it in bulk. Purchase what you need and go back for more if necessary. You might benefit from a price drop the next time you visit.

Another part of buying smart is being picky. Look for high-quality, gently used secondhand items.

Great Thrift Store Finds This Holiday Season

Here are some items to look out for during your thrift store shopping spree:

1. Christmas Decors

When it comes to thrift shopping for Christmas decors, you have a broad array of options. Try looking for the following items:

  • Wreaths – These items are common in thrift stores. Choose the ones with more durable boughs and more aesthetic designs. Make sure that their style matches your existing decors.
  • Ornaments – If you don’t have time to try DIY ideas, you can buy pre-loved or brand-new ornaments at thrift stores. There are sets with the same style, and there are also some with assorted designs.
  • Christmas Trees – Christmas trees can be pretty expensive. Thankfully, there are also lots of them at thrift stores. There are kinds perfect for any theme, whether elegant, white, or classic Christmas.

Don’t limit your home decors to previously mentioned items. You can be as creative as you want when thrift store shopping, so it’s time to unleash your artsy self.

2. Sweaters and Dresses

Thrift stores carry everything from sweaters to formal suits to dresses. Regardless of what you want to wear, they won’t disappoint you. If you’re patient enough, you might even find clothes from the most luxurious brands while thrift shopping.

We have one piece of advice, though — buying pre-loved clothes as a gift for someone else is a tricky endeavor. Avoid doing it if possible. You have other cool and great options at thrift stores anyway.

3. Gifts

Probably one of the most fun things about shopping for the holidays is looking for gifts. Aside from family reunions, it’s the thrill of giving, receiving, and unboxing presents that make Christmas the most awaited holiday of the year. Here are some great ideas:

  • Jewelry Box
  • Toys
  • Vintage Stuff
  • Comic Books
  • Novels
  • Containers
  • Small Furniture

4. Other Stuff

If you’re throwing a dinner party with friends, colleagues, or relatives, the holiday shopping season is the best time to look for dishware. Some thrift stores have brand-new or gently used plates, utensils, cups, and food containers. You might even get them in complete sets if you come early.

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