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Christmas parties are fun; they can be even more fun if you add costumes to the equation. The ugliest holiday sweater, the sexy elf, the red-nosed reindeer, the walking Christmas tree, the worst-wrapped present, the snowflake–these are just some of the most popular Christmas costume ideas you might want to try.

If you’re up for some fun DIY Christmas costume project, this article is for you. No, you won’t have to spend too much, as the materials for these fun but easy-to-make costumes are all made from thrift store items. Check it out and choose your favorites.

DIY Christmas Costume Ideas

A fun Christmas costume doesn’t have to be expensive. Read the recommendations below to get some ideas on how you can create one on your own from thrift store items:

1. Victorian Christmas Caroler Costume

Whether you’re going Christmas caroling or playing a part in your company’s year-end party, wearing a Victorian-style caroling costume is always entertaining and helps people get into the Christmas spirit.

Make your own Victorian Christmas caroler costume from items in your wardrobe or items you can find in a thrift store. A traditional caroling outfit is a long gown worn over a dress. It could be velvet, wool, or cotton. A long coat, hat, and muff may or may not be included. If you wish to include a muff, you can make one using material readily found in your wardrobe or thrift stores.

2. Classic Mrs. Claus Costume

Your choice of Mrs. Clause costume is entirely up to you and will depend on your mood. The typical Mrs. Claus outfit features an older woman with a warm platter of cookies for Santa and a charming smile. On the other hand, the unconventional Mrs. Claus costume is slightly more provocative and tends to drop jaws at the north pole.

To dress as the classic Mrs. Claus, wear a long slip or long johns underneath a red and white flannel nightgown with a shawl or a red bathrobe and a sleeping cap. You can enhance the collar and cuffs of the nightgown or bathrobe by attaching faux fur with safety pins. Complement your Christmas outfit with accessories such as cookies and a Santa mug. To complete your Mrs. Clause ensemble try searching for accompanying thrift store items.

3. Mother Mary

Making your own nativity costume for a party or a play can be simple and affordable. Don a light blue nightgown or a column of blue cloth sewn up the side with a hole for your head and two holes for your arms. Use a deep blue sash, braided twine, or a long white cord tied in a knot to gather it at the waist.

4. Sugar Plum Fairy

The sugar plum fairy is a beautiful and festive Christmas party outfit. Typically, a sugar plum fairy costume is used during holiday dance performances of The Nutcracker. Take note; you don’t need to be a ballet dancer to successfully pull off this adorable Christmas dance outfit.

You can purchase a ballerina tutu with lots of layers, a spaghetti-strap stretchy exercise top with a sweetheart neckline, wings, crowns, tights, and ballet slippers for stage-worthy fairy attire. You can find all these elements in dance supply stores, bargain stores, and thrift stores.

5. Christmas Angel Costume

One costume you can opt to wear as your Christmas dance costume is that of an angel. The angel costume is always a favorite because it has distinctly different variations. For example, you may decide to be a classic heavenly Angel or a seductive fallen angel. This means you can wear a white skirt or gown with white, gossamer wings or a short red skirt and tunic with red wings.

A second option is to don a shimmering white nightgown and robe, and you’re ready to go as an angel. Or, be a cherub and reuse the robe you wore last Halloween as a Greek goddess.

6. Sexy Elf Costume

The traditional Christmas elf attire consists of a green tunic, green tights, trendy pointed shoes, and an elf hat. But with a bit of imagination, you can transform this traditional costume into something more modern and sexy.

Wear a little green little skirt or shorts, suspenders over a clinging white shirt with a sexy red bow tie or fitted red top with a DIY elf collar, high black boots, and a DIY elf hat from your own Santa’s Workshop.

7. Christmas Snowflake Costume

You may make a Christmas snowflake costume out of Styrofoam cut-outs that have been coated with glitter. Put on a ruffled and shimmering tutu over white leggings and a long-sleeved top. Then put on the snowflake cut-out at the back. To complete the outfit, put on a white bonnet and gloves.

8. Snowman Costume

Dress like Frosty and attend any holiday event. Cut the bottom of the pop-up clothes hamper and drape it over with an oversized sweatshirt. Then stuff the sweatshirt completely, including the hood, with a loose pillow or upholstery filling. Use enough to cover the sweatshirt’s hood and body completely. Wear white pants and a hooded pullover after that. Finally, wear a black hooded cap and a scarf around your neck, and carry a broom.


Getting dressed up in a costume to celebrate Christmas is fun, and it helps you and everyone you interact with get into the exuberant Christmas spirit. Besides, holiday costume dress-up is more enjoyable than regular formal wear or those cliche Christmas sweaters with appliqued Christmas ornaments or snowmen. Dressing up with Christmas costume ideas online is the best way to get into the holiday spirit. Throw a costume party for your friends or surprise your children with a costumed Christmas party that could become a yearly tradition.

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