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Many DIYers know that thrift stores can be a great source of unique, inexpensive, and sometimes even amazing home decor items.

You can find a beautiful picture frame, an old chair, or an interesting vase that needs minor repairs or some thrift store makeover. These items have a story to tell and lots of history that you can bring home to decorate your home creatively and uniquely.

Here are some creative thrift store ideas you can make with items you find in thrift stores. These thrift store DIY projects are inspiring and will give you fresh ideas for your next shopping trip. These projects can be done in a few steps, while others may require extensive transformations. But the result is always excellent and Pinterest-worthy!

Tips for Thrift Shopping for your DIY Projects

  • It would be best if you visited thrift stores once or twice a week to catch new batches of thrift store crafts and home decors.
  • Shop for the items you like for your following thrift store DIY projects. Remember to hold on to it quickly because someone might get it ahead of you if you think twice.
  • Buy it if you love it! You will likely love it in your home if it catches your attention in the store.
  • Keep in mind that you can repurpose thrift store finds regardless of their condition.
  • It would be good to join DIY communities fond of thrift store DIY ideas. You can get inspiration from them before heading to your favorite thrift stores.
  • When selecting the items you’ll buy, it would be ideal to visualize the DIY thrift store ideas you’re planning for a specific item, so you can also buy the materials you’ll need to spruce it up.

DIY Ideas from Thrift Shop Finds

1. Framed Art

Thrift shops are great places to find inexpensive and unusual artwork. You can also make subtle modifications to an inexpensive piece of art to make it your own by repainting the frame or putting some wood stain.

2. Plates

There are many mismatched dishes available in various colors and patterns at thrift shops. One of the easiest to repurpose thrift store finds are various sizes of plates. You can use them to create a collection or turn them into mirrors, shelving displays, wall clocks, or picture frames.

3. Vintage Suitcases and Trunks

You can find industrial trunks and vintage suitcases at different thrift stores. You can clean them and transform them into a creative and functional foyer table or a vintage coffee table in your living room. A thrift store makeover that would be the focal point of your home’s interior.

4. Shelves

Storage items are beneficial in every home. Shelves are one of the favorite of DIYers for their thrift store DIY projects because of the unlimited functions it can serve your home. You can use refurbished shelves in any part of your house to organize and declutter. A thrift store DIY tip is to sand it first before painting or installing a wallpaper on it to achieve a smoother surface.

5. Lamps

Often than not, lamps from a thrift store only requires a new shade or a thorough cleaning. However, if you’re on the artistic side, you can also change its shade and make it a canvas for your own painting design. Doing a DIY art is one to be proud of and worthy of displaying. Additionally, you can also try re-wiring your thrift store DIY lamp before using it for safety purposes.

6. Dining Chairs

You can give your chair a little tender loving care by painting it or reupholstering it with added cushion to make it more comfortable, attractive, and aesthetically appealing again. It’s great to do it in a mix and match design for your outdoor seating needs.

7. Dining Tables

You can use these simple thrift store tables in the kitchen, dining room, or as a desk. You can give the table a makeover with paint, fabric, or a tablecloth if it is in poor condition. For added safety, double-check if the legs are still sturdy or if it needs a repair or replacement.

8. Knitted Sweaters

Dry-clean these and you can use them to make your home cozier by covering a stool or reupholstering an old chair. One of the most innovative thrift store crafts’ idea is to stitch it up and make it a planter or basket cover. In addition, if you have a spare cotton filling and a little skill in stitching, you can also make a pet bed out of your sweaters.

9. Ceramic Candlesticks

You might find some vintage ceramic candlesticks at a thrift store that you could use to make attractive cake stands. You can use this for decorating your kitchen or storing fruit, linens, and other small items.

10. Jars and Container

There are many jars and other containers that you can find in a thrift store to DIY. They are often attractive due to their unusual shape but worn-down appearance. To transform their look, all you need to do is to paint them and put some labels on each container to make it shabby chic in appearance.

11. Fabric Textiles

If you have some sewing skills, you can use of the fabric scraps you can find in thrift stores to make some pillowcases, table linens, curtains, blankets, and bedsheets. Just don’t forget to have your fabrics washed before sewing them up. If you want to up your game, you can also try making dresses, skirts, and blouses for your kids.

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