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Shopping for used items is always fun, but it’s even better today because there are so many great deals for everyone. Why? It’s National Thrift Store Day, after all.

You’ll love National Thrift Shop Day if you enjoy shopping for bargains,. This day is intended to encourage people to buy second-hand items and visit thrift stores in their communities. Discover what treasures you can find. After all, there’s something incredibly satisfying about getting something for half the price. You can also use National Thrift Shop Day to change your shopping habits and become savvier in the future.

What is National Thrift Shop Day 

National Thrift Shop Day, which takes place annually, is a day set aside to encourage people to visit their local thrift shops in search of bargains. It’s possible to find everything from used clothing and furniture to household goods and other items at bargain prices in thrift stores. Visiting one of these shops, many of which are non-profits, is an excellent way to donate to a good cause. Donating some of your stuff to one of these thrift shops is a great way to support a charitable purpose while clearing some clutter in your home.

When is National Thrift Shop Day 

Every year on August 17, National Thrift Shop Day is celebrated. During this day, many thrift store owners open their thrift shops and offer a wide variety of goods for sale, as well as a many customers.

When is the Best Day to Go Thrift Shopping 

While there is no “perfect” day to shop at thrift stores, many regulars claim that Monday and Tuesday mornings are the best. Sunday evenings are a typical time for homeowners to dispose of unsold items from garage sales, creating opportunities for discoveries. In addition, weekends are busier shopping days, so employees attempt to restock at the start of the week.

Awesome Ways to Celebrate National Thrift Shop Day 

1. Make a meaningful donation. 

When it comes down to it, this day is all about helping those in need. Consider donating something truly special to a local thrift shop if you’ve grown tired of or no longer require an item. Consider the joy someone else might experience if they discover a high-quality item at a reduced cost.

2. Go on a treasure hunt. 

Go on a treasure hunt at a local second-hand store. Stay optimistic and keep an eye out for something interesting when you’re out and about. A bold outfit or a new piece of interior decoration can help give your space a new personality.

3. Be a volunteer at a thrift shop. 

Start by signing up for a thrift store program. Aside from retail services, there is also instruction, mentoring and tutoring, fundraising, and producing charitable goods. Find what works best for you, and help the people in your area.

4. Make plans to go shopping with your friends. 

Thrifting on your own has advantages, but so does going with a group. It’s an excellent opportunity to spend time with your friends and get to know each other better. Finding treasure finds with your close circle of friends is a lot more exciting.

5. Use social media to celebrate 

You can also use social media to commemorate National Thrift Shop Day. You could take a picture of yourself with something you got from the thrift shop, or you could post a picture of the thrift shop you’re hosting. You can use the hashtag #ThriftShopDay to inform your friends and family that you are also participating in this day.

6. Be grateful.  

If it weren’t for the hard work of their employees, our favorite thrift stores and donation centers wouldn’t exist. Remember to thank them for their work in the community when you visit. We owe them a debt of gratitude for keeping thrift shops open during these difficult times. Make a card or give them a coffee shop gift card if you have a favorite employee.

Interesting Facts about Thrifting 

Thrift Stores became more popular in the 19th century.  

Buying and selling used clothing was considered taboo back in the day. When   Christian organizations began using thrift stores to raise funds, this stigma was thrown out of the window.

Generation Z and Millennials thrift the most. 

Thrifting is a favorite pastime among Generation Z and Millennials. Second-hand clothing sales are on the rise because of the influx of people from both these generations. Millennials and Gen Xers are 2.5 times more likely to shop for second-hand clothing than other generations.

Thrift stores aid in minimizing textile waste. 

Globally, textile waste is a growing problem. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 17 million tons of textile waste are in landfills. This is a problem because it can take up to two hundred years or more for textiles to decompose in landfills.

Thrifting saves water and cuts down on carbon emissions. 

Water is essential for all living things, but supplies are limited. The fashion industry is the second most water-intensive industry. According to reports, it consumes an annual average of 79 billion cubic meters of water.


Participating in the National Thrift Shopping Day celebration is a great way to get your hands on high-quality goods at low prices. Additionally, visiting thrift stores is an excellent way to save money on items you need or want. For example, if you’re looking for high-quality used clothing or shabby chic home decor that will last you a long time, you should shop at thrift stores. When you participate in some of the remarkable ways of celebrating this holiday, you can do all these exciting things while being environmentally friendly.

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