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For those who have never tried it before, thrifting may seem intimidating. Thrift store shopping is an art, and you can implement some strategies to be an expert. You will become a seasoned thrifter if you follow some thrifting hacks. Besides saving a ton of cash, you can also score some cool new furnishings and clothing.

What Is Thrifting

The term “thrifting” refers to shopping for bargains at secondhand stores. Many consumers nowadays prefer to shop at local thrift stores rather than big-box retailers because of the variety of unique items they can find.

Unlike standard retail outlets, where multiple units of a given item might be available, thrift stores frequently have one-of-a-kind items. Thus, from the earliest days of thrift stores to the present day, you can always find unique and interesting items when thrift shopping.

Thrift stores draw customers for a variety of reasons. Due to its emphasis on reusing and repurposing materials, it has emerged as a viable source of environmentally friendly clothing and furnishings.

So, on your next thrifting adventure, remember these thrift store hacks and give new life to pre-loved treasures finds.

8 Thrifting Hacks Every Thrifter Should Know

1. Consider items that are dirty or soiled.

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In thrift shopping, one of the most important things to remember is that appearances are often deceiving. The appearance of dirt on a pair of sneakers or a piece of wood furniture can make it easy to ignore them completely. The good news is that with some time and effort, almost any item can be cleaned and returned to its former glory.

Home decorations, kitchenware, and furniture can look new after being cleaned with the right supplies and some elbow grease. Likewise, garments can be washed and dried at home or taken to a dry cleaner for a more thorough cleaning.

2. Learn when and how to negotiate a price.

Some items in thrift stores are sold “as is” and are not open to haggling over price, but many stores, both big and small, are willing to do so if the item is ripped, stained, or otherwise damaged. It shouldn’t be hard to find a scratch or tear on a used item, as such flaws are common in previously owned goods. Think about using this method if you fall in love with something that’s just a bit too expensive for your budget.

Haggling may not always result in a lower price, but it never hurts to ask. If you’re lucky, you might walk away with a great deal. Remember, one can never tell.

3. Keep up with the thrift store’s social media account.

Trying to keep up with your local thrift stores on Instagram, Facebook or other social media platform where they’re active is an excellent way to be one of the first to know about awesome new finds. Although some stores might not be active on social media, others regularly share photos of their newest arrivals.

Even though you won’t be the only one who sees these posts, there may be a way to get a head start on the competition by setting alerts for your favorite store. Then, if you see something you want, call or message the store to see if they can put it on hold for you.

4. Look for items to transform, upcycle, and reuse.

Sometimes you have a clear idea for an outfit or a piece of home décor, but you can’t seem to discover the ideal thrift store version of it. Fortunately, you can fully transform anything you discover at a thrift shop with some imagination.

With a bit of DIY creativity, some paint, and some hand tools, it’s possible to replace hardware, alter the texture, or change the color of the furniture. One of the most practical thrifting tips is to look for objects that have solid foundations and are the appropriate size and shape for your purposes and proceed from there.

5. Donate in exchange for coupons.


If you often shop at thrift stores, chances are you eventually have items to give away. The good news is that lots of shops provide discounts and coupons as rewards for making donations. You might obtain significant savings on your shopping binge by selling items you no longer need. Since smaller stores might still need a policy in place, this advice works best for larger chain thrift stores.

Always call beforehand to find out whether any discounts are offered for charitable contributions because the rules differ depending on the chain and perhaps even the specific store.

6. Learn to identify vintage sizing.

Even though many of the products at a thrift store were probably made in the last few decades, vintage clothing stores may include numerous pieces that are many decades old. Something to keep in mind while looking for a vintage garment is the fact that sizing standards have shifted considerably over time.

The sizing of women’s clothing varies greatly from brand to brand, so it’s best to try on many different sizes before making a purchase. Generally, vintage clothing runs at least four sizes smaller than the current sizing. Thus, a 1960s garment marked as a size 12 would fit more to a size six now.

7. Inquire about re-stocking schedules.

You can increase the odds of scoring high-quality vintage items by timing your visit to the store when it receives new inventories. While the schedule of a given thrift store may vary, most reload their shelves and racks on set days of the week.

8. Remember to read the label.

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Thrift store pros know the value of being able to read and interpret garment tags. It is helpful to read the labels that describe the fabric composition to identify high-quality items. To achieve this, you should prioritize items made from organic materials like cotton, wool, leather, and suede.

You can also find some helpful shopping-related resources online where you can compare pictures of labels from various companies and decades with the labels you seek to identify. Some background on the brands in question is included as well.

Key Takeaway

Remember that the most crucial consideration when thrift shopping is not the price but what you will use or enjoy. Indeed, you can score amazing treasure finds with the thrifting hacks mentioned above and you’ll be helping to keep usable items out of landfills at the same time. Cost-effective for you and environmentally conscientious for the earth.

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