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8 Amazing Thrift Store Hauls for Summer

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Thrifting is one of the most enjoyable activities that don’t require too much money. Although some people think thrift store shopping is a waste of time, there are so many valuable and interesting items you can find at a thrift store. Thrift store shopping is best done during the summer, before all of your beach trips, picnics, and lazy afternoons.

If you want to find the best thrift store hauls for summer, here are some of the items you need to look out for:

1. Colorful Vintage Bowls 

Summer is simply the best time for picnics. This is an excellent way to sit down and bond with your family on a summer day. If you want to have a fun and hassle-free picnic or family outing, look for colorful vintage bowl sets that can be used to store casseroles, pasta, and other snacks you may want to bring.

2. Baskets 

When you think about picnics, it is almost impossible to not think of cute little woven baskets. There are a lot of basket collections at thrift stores. You can simply drop by your local thrift store and find the right size and color of basket that will suit your picnic theme. You can also buy baskets and use them at home or as a gift container to save you the hassle of gift-wrapping.

3. Books   

If you are looking for something that will keep you busy during the summer, you can search for a book you might like during your next thrift haul. If you’re lucky, you may also find vintage books that are signed by the authors themselves. Maybe this summer is finally the right time to go back to being a bookworm.

4. Vintage Board Games   

Same with books, if you don’t have anything better to do at home, playing vintage board games is fun and relaxing. This is a great opportunity to learn and master different board games while playing with your family and friends during lazy afternoons.

Keep in mind that when buying board games, it is important to check if there are missing pieces, damaged boards, or scratched-up boxes. In order to get your money’s worth, make sure everything is complete and in good condition.  

5. Scrabble Tiles   

While we are on the topic of board games, look for Scrabble games as well when you visit a thrift store. Vintage scrabble games have wooden letter tiles that are cool to recycle and make into cute summer accessories. You could make matching bracelets or necklaces for you and your best friend to make your summer extra memorable.

6.  Second Hand Summer Clothes

Some people think that thrift store clothes are cheap and ordinary, but in reality, it just takes serious digging to spot the best second hand summer clothes you can find. If you want to find designer labels, you can find them in many thrift stores. You can also find affordable summer dresses and get the best deals.

7. Picture Frames

Thrift stores have a lot of beautiful, vintage items hidden in every aisle. If you are patient enough, you can surely find the best item that will go perfectly in your home. One of the best examples of this are fancy picture frames. Look for the ones that have the most elegant design and hang it at home to contribute to the elegance of the house . You can have your summer memories framed and let everybody know about the best summer you have ever had.

8. Vintage cameras   

Vintage cameras never go out of style. Remember Polaroid? You can look for such cameras in your local thrift store. If you do find a vintage camera, it will be the best result of your thrift store hauls, because its vintage film can be kept as a memory for a long time. Find a rare camera in perfect condition, and you will have the best companion for the summer.

Finding the best items during your next trip to the local thrift store must be your main goal this summer. Find the best deals, check the items, and purchase them. There is more to thrift stores than used summer clothes, and this article proves it. If you want to find the best deals and best thrift stores in Destin, FL, Haven House Thrift Store offers all kinds of items and clothing that look good, are in perfect condition and are very affordable.

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