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7 Ways to Make Thrift Store Shopping Easier This Fall

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Layering up makes fall an exciting time for dressing up. It’s that time of the year you can put your stylish flair on full display.  More layers means more garments and therefore a higher cost, though. If you have been looking for ways to dress nicely without spending a pretty penny, all you need to do is hit the thrift stores.

Some people going thrift store shopping are probably already shaking their heads at the idea. That’s because if you don’t know how to thrift shop, you are likely to leave the store empty-handed.

You heard it right! There are handy thrifting tips that will guarantee you’ll score fabulous goods on your next trip.

Now that fall’s around the corner, you should visit one as soon as possible.

How to Shop for Fall Clothes 

The following thrifting tips can ensure you don’t strike out. By knowing how to thrift shop, you can easily locate the hidden gems and vintage pieces to style up your wardrobe in time for fall.

1. Don’t focus on finding the right size. 

When looking for clothes, you are likely to look for your size. If there’s none, you move on. However, this rule doesn’t apply when thrift store shopping. Remember that all the items in there are unique. It might be impossible to find certain items in various sizes. If you fall in love with an item that’s not your size, try looking at it from a different point of view. What can you do to improve it and make sure it fits you better? Baggy clothes can look fashionable these days — you’ll only need to find accessories that will complement them. There’s also the option to alter the clothes, though it defeats the purpose of thrift store shopping.

2. Check out the men’s and children’s sections. 

Now that your eyes are open to buying clothes in bigger sizes, you might want to try shopping outside the women’s section. Take a look at men’s clothes in small sizes. There are plenty of nice sweaters or even blazers you can score. On the other hand, children’s clothing is perfect for graphic shirts you can use for layering up.

3. Buy some accessories. 

Fall isn’t only about layering clothes; you can layer accessories, too! When thrift store shopping for clothes, don’t forget to check the jewelry aisle. There are plenty of vintage classics that look expensive and realistic, and these can spice up any fall outfit you have in mind.

4. Start by looking for your pattern and print preferences.  

Thrift stores can be intimidating if you don’t know where to start. Judging by the size of a typical thrift shop and the number of items in it, it’ll be challenging to flick through the clothes on the racks one by one. Not only is it a tiring activity, but it’s also unproductive. Instead, try to feel the clothes and watch out for those with fabric patterns that you like.

5. Have an open mind. 

Having a clear idea of what you want to find in a thrift shop is great and all, but if you keep an open mind, you’ll likely see more treasures. If you fixate on a specific item, you might miss out on other fab scores you can add to your fall collection.

6. Watch out for stains and holes.  

It’s no secret that when thrift store shopping, you’re likely to come across dirty pants or shirts. Others might need mending because of holes and fraying. Some damages are repairable, but some aren’t. Always check so you can assess whether you can do something about the item or not before you buy.

7. Don’t rush. 

This has to be the most important of all the thrifting tips on the list. Second-hand shopping is not an easy task. Some racks are in complete disarray, and there are so many things to check out. Finding treasure takes time, so be patient. If you go too fast, you’ll miss a lot. If you are looking for the best thrift stores in Santa Rosa Beach, FL for your fall fashion and decor needs, come visit us at Haven House!