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7 Most Common Thrift Store Myths Debunked

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The Christmas season is coming soon again. This means more people will go shopping for gifts, clothes, or anything for the holidays. Whether or a special occasion or no reason at all but the joy of shopping, many people have found thrift shopping to be cheaper and more efficient. However, not all are convinced about how wonderful shopping in thrift stores can be. Some may even carry personal prejudices about shopping in thrift stores that stop them or even people they know from giving it a try.

You might be coming into the experience with a few assumptions, yourself. But thrift stores are for everybody to enjoy and can be a treasure trove of rare and useful finds! As such, allow us to debunk seven of the most common myths about thrift store shopping.

Common Misconceptions about Thrifting

1. Thrift stores are dirty.

While this may have been true, often due to economic strains in the area these stores once used to be the most common, it is no longer accurate right now. Most thrift shops are in good locations with air conditioning and proper ventilation. Thrift store have also stepped up their cleaning and disinfecting efforts, even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some thrift stores are now even located in shopping malls alongside well-known brands. Furthermore, most thrift shops have planned and curated interiors that feel less like shopping in a thrift store and more in like well-known boutique.

2. Items are worn out and unwearable.

Most clothes in thrift store go through a pre-screening process. All of them are screened one by one, and those that are no longer wearable are immediately taken out. As such, you can be sure that the ones on thrift shop shelves are still in good condition. Apart from this, these clothes have been sanitized before selling. Of course, you should wash them again before wearing, just as you should brand-new clothing. Ask people who shop in thrift stores and most of them will tell you that they rarely encounter sanitary problems with the clothes that they buy.

3. Designer items in thrift stores are fake.

Probably the most common misconception about thrift stores is that all items are fake. This is really not the case. Counterfeit items are almost everywhere, even in big shopping malls. It just really boils down to how familiar you are with a brand and how good you are at checking an item’s authenticity. Remember, there are some designer items that still find their way onto thrift store shelves.

4. Thrifting is for poor people.

On the contrary, people from all walks of life go to thrift stores. This is because thrifting is not only cheaper, even for those with money, but there are also items that you could only find in a thrift store and not anywhere else. There is nothing to be ashamed of in thrifting. In fact, it is a good way to support both local businesses and sustainable shopping.

5. Thrift stores are unorganized and cluttered.

Some people imagine thrift stores to have a bulk of clothes just stacked together in one place. This is why people feel that it is hard to thrift shop and that it takes a lot of time to do so. This is simply not true. Most items are arranged according to their type. You will find all the clothes in one place, all the furniture in another, all the bags in another area, and so on. These items are also arranged properly. For example, clothes are either folded and put on top of each other, like in shopping malls or hung properly, usually arranged by size.

6. Thrift store items are outdated.

The beauty about thrifting is that nothing is outdated. You just have to find the style that best fits for you and your personality. Anything can look good as long as you know how to carry it. You can go for modern, vintage, retro, or any other style that does not necessarily need completely new pieces.

7. Thrift stores don’t have your size.

You will be surprised how diverse the sizes you can find in a thrift store can be. Usually, a thrift store mirrors the sizes of the people in the community, and in most communities, people come in all shapes and sizes. Thrift store shopping is a great way to save money and to promote sustainability. While other people still have common misconceptions about thrift stores, most have already outgrown these. What’s more, these places are almost never alike, you just have to try them out for yourself. Make a believer of yourself and see the value of shopping in thrift stores. Drop by Haven House, one of the best thrift stores in Destin, FL and see for yourself how these myths are untrue!